Choosing an engagement ring is potentially one of the most important purchases you will make in your life, so spending time to get it right is important. There are so many different directions you can go in, so we are here to introduce the benefits of vintage engagement rings to help decide whether it is the right choice for you and your partner!

They Are Better Value For Money

The first benefit of choosing a vintage engagement ring is that it is better value for money. All vintage jewellery is VAT exempt, as VAT is only charged on an item once. So, as vintage rings would have been owned before, you do not need to pay the VAT. This means that you could choose a diamond ring with the exact same colour, clarity, cut and carat as a modern equivalent, but for 20% cheaper.

They Are More Unique

Vintage engagement rings are often so much more unique than modern rings. They are filled with character and are strikingly beautiful. Most pieces of vintage and antique jewellery would have been created before mass production began, so would have been carefully and painstakingly hand crafted. This also means that the quality is much better too. You can be pretty safe in the knowledge that the ring you are purchasing is one of a kind. Additionally, you will know that the ring has a depth of history behind it!

They Make Wonderful Heirlooms

Due to the way that vintage jewellery was made, they can remain in families for generations. These wonderful pieces are timeless and were hand crafted to the best quality, so they will last for hundreds of years if cared for well. When you buy a vintage engagement ring, you know that it can be kept in your family for generations to come and that it will hopefully be a part of many other happy family marriages in the future. This is a wonderful tradition to start and selecting a vintage engagement ring is the best way to do it.

They Are Better For The Environment

The jewellery industry is extremely damaging for the environment and it is also a very corrupt industry, making it hard for any jewellery to be created in an environmentally friendly way. So, choosing a vintage engagement ring is a wonderful alternative. You will be completely avoiding the mass production process and making sure that the wonderful metals and gemstones aren’t going to waste. In terms of sustainability, going vintage is your best option.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something unique, good value, environmentally friendly and something that can be in your family for generations, opt for a vintage engagement ring. There is something exceptionally special about vintage jewellery and the character is simply unparalleled. Make sure you visit a certified jeweller so you know you are getting the real deal!

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