Planning a corporate event can be a stressful task, especially since you have to ensure that it is successful and enjoyable for your guests. If it is your first time organizing a corporate event, use these simple tips to learn how to make it a hit.

5 Tips to Organize An Amazing Corporate Event1. Plan ahead.
Plan the event a few months before the date to avoid any obstacles that may arise. There are several details that you should consider when you create a rough plan:

  • The venue
  • What type of attire people should wear to the event
  • The budget for expenses
  • A guest list and the total number of attendees
  • Theme
  • What type of event it is and how to build the theme around it
  • A directory of suppliers, vendors and other resources

When you have the basic details you need for planning, you can start adding in more details to your plans when you start to research. Researching for ideas and other aspects of the corporate event should be done during the beginning stages of planning. You should also use a calendar to help you keep track of any activities and meetings that relate to the planning and monitor the progress of the event planning.

2. Have a team of people to help you.
When you are planning a major business occasion, it is important to not do every task yourself since you can stress yourself out and increase the risk of errors while organizing one. Not only does having a team of people help you execute the corporate event plans faster, but the people you work with can give you ideas to make it better. If you plan to have a team of people help you with organizing the event, be sure to have the right people on your team who will contribute positively to the event plans.

3. Be mindful of parking space at the venue.
When you are looking for a venue, be sure that there are more than enough parking spots for the guests. Without many parking spots, this can cause the guests to feel stressed and cause the atmosphere at the event to be negative. If the venue’s parking space is limited, you can hire a shuttle to bring your guests to the venue.

4. Test out all equipment 5-7 days before the event.
If you are planning to have audio and video equipment at the venue, see if the company you hire equipment from allows you to test it out a few days before the event. Technical difficulties can cause delays, so you should ensure that the equipment used is top-notch quality.

5. Use a mobile app.
If you have a smartphone, use a mobile app to help your event planning go more smoothly. An effective mobile app, DoubleDutch provides you with an easy way to manage all your planning essentials, such as a customizable agenda and attendee networks. This app also allows you to engage with all attendees and manage various events in one place conveniently.

With careful planning and execution, your corporate event can transform into an unforgettable occasion for all your guests. After the event, gather your team and evaluate how it went to see if you can improve future corporate events.

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