The next big step in mobile networking is on its way as 5G is just around the corner for many of us – and with that comes a number of big changes to many of our favourite apps as the increased speeds and the increased capacity opens up a whole range of possibilities.

Social media and live streaming – Social media apps are a huge part of our day to day lives as sharing photos and video have become our new way of connecting, live streaming through platforms like Twitch and Youtube has also become extremely popular as video sharing continues to capture growing viewer numbers. The big change 5G brings here is the increased upload speed with theoretical max speeds of 10Gbps, and with upload speed often being a bit of a restriction here slowing many down or taking away from the options available. Whilst the increased capacity will be important for those looking to live stream in a busy place, speed is an important factor here.

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A big change for mobile gaming – There are also a number of changes that will have a big impact on mobile gaming too – although more casual game types such as puzzle and arcade have the most popular there’s a growing interest in other online genres, despite recent regulation changes a big shift has been towards mobile gambling as online casinos continue to thrive at as many operators are choosing to register outside of the regulation. With 5G this means that newer technologies such as Virtual Reality can start to emerge on the consumer market and will also allow for more players to come together in a single lobby or gamer without the risk of connection issues.

Our daily utility – We’ve also become much more reliant on apps for our daily utility, from management through online banking or paying our bills or even more towards our cars as we use our apps for our electric vehicles. The increasing speeds and capacity that 5G brings allows for newer features to be implemented in these apps and opens up the possibility for big changes that may not have been available on the more limited 4G, whilst it’ll take a while for these features to be implemented, over time they will become more available and the benefits will really be felt.

Many of the benefits may also extend away from just our app usage too, as it has been suggested it may also kick start a movement for home internet improvement as the infrastructure of 5G will mean those previously tied into expensive and poor broadband deals will have a better option, and the increased speeds offered by 5G are already much higher than the majority of available home connections. It’s an exciting time in networking, and the changes will start to come through very quickly once the initial rollout has begun, it will take some time for the networking to reach smaller towns and such, but the increased capacity will no doubt account for that too.

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