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7 Free Google Chrome Plugins To Download Today

If you’ve yet to dabble in the world of Google Chrome plugins then you are missing out. Plugins are essentially apps for your internet browser that allow you to do a number of different tasks such as blocking advertisements or helping you to learn a foreign language by translating a certain percent of the articles you read from your native tongue to your new one.

Plugins are easy to download, too. You simply head over to the Google Chrome web store and download them onto your browser. From there you can go to another page to select what plugins will run actively and which ones you want to pause. Best of all? They’re mostly free! It’s easy to find a number of great plugins for any task you need solved.

Ad Blocker

A must for anyone who hates dealing with advertisements, this is a great plugin to not only deal with minor inconveniences, but it will also help to protect you from getting nasty viruses from things such as pop-up ads. Ad Blocker works on most websites, but keep in mind that some websites such as Forbes will not give you access to their site if you’re running an ad blocker and will make you whitelist the site.

Outside of a couple sites such as that one, Ad Blocker works wonderful on websites such as Youtube to block those annoying ads before videos, content sites that fill every inch of browser with ads, and sketchy sites that are poised to do damage to your computer.


Have you ever wanted to have the correction software in Microsoft Word on your internet browser? Grammarly is the perfect plugin to make sure that your spelling is correct as well as your grammar. This is a great app to use when typing up e-mails, writing Twitter and Facebook posts, blog posts, and everything else that you can imagine.

Grammarly will quickly become a favorite plugin of yours and you’ll wonder how you lived life without it.


Boomerang is a plugin that will revolutionize how you use e-mail. This plugin has two main functions: it schedules e-mails in advance and it places a tracker on your e-mails so you know when they’ve been opened.

The first function is incredibly helpful when you’re typing up an e-mail on a Friday or Saturday night, or even a holiday, and don’t want to feel like you’re invading on the free time of the person you’re e-mailing, but you also don’t want to forget what you were going to say in the e-mail. It’s also helpful to purposely send an e-mail at an optimal time for being responded to if you’re e-mailing someone who gets a lot of them. You can schedule e-mails pretty far in advance and batch them up if you have a lot to send.

The second function is useful if you’re pitching a product or something else to a website and you want to gage how effective your content is by comparing open rates to response rates.


This app is useful for those who want to start integrating as much foreign language into their life as possible. This is particularly helpful when you’re trying to become fluent in a language and have made a goal to make that language a part of your life. Flewent has a few different modes that allow you to select a website such as Forbes and then have 25% to 100% of the site translated into French, German, et cetera.

So for instance, you can choose this Diamond and Diamond Law Firm article and have that translated into a language of your choice. If you do not know a word, fear not, as the plugin will tell you the English translation for it.


Momentum is a fun motivational plugin for Chrome. Every time that you go to open another tab, a beautiful landscape photograph will appear with a motivational quote to help you accomplish your tasks for the day. It also asks you what your main goal for each day is, so that every time you open a new tab you can stay on track in order to accomplish your goal.

Strict Workflow

Another app to help you get things done takes a bit more of a serious approach than Momentum. Strict Workflow will run on 25 minute on, 5 minute off segments, to help you focus on your work. This plugin will block all distracting websites such as social media and Buzzfeed to help you focus. It blocks distractions for 25 minutes, then it will give you a 5 minute break. If you try to turn it off, it will guilt you back into working.

Hootsuite Hootlet

If you’re big on social media and wish to publish new posts without having to do it multiple times per day, just do it once with Hootsuite Hootlet. You’ll be able to schedule posts in advance for the whole day or even the whole week. This plugin will definitely revolutionize your social media game, so it’s a must have.

These seven plugins will help you to avoid annoying ads, keep on track with your work, learn a foreign language, and more. They’re completely free and easy to download in the Chrome web store.

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