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7+ Best Free Email Providers Online

When it comes to email, most people have at least one email address. Some have more. Since the introduction of email, it has become an essential must have for communication. It is best used at companies and places of occupation the world over.

There is no doubt in the world that email has greatly evolved over the years. Now, there are a lot of features that it did not have 20 years ago.

As it is well known by now, there are loads of free email providers scattered across the Internet. All you have to do is look around for what suits you as an individual.

In this article, we will be talking about the 7 of the best (and free) email providers you can access online. The article will also go into a bit of detail about some of the features that these email providers might have.

So, without further ado, onto the article.

Yahoo! MailYahoo-Mail 7+ Best Free Email Providers Online

Yahoo! Mail is one of the best email providers out there. There are is over 300 million users that are registered to the Yahoo! Network. It has a 1TB of free storage for its users. The storage idea was a move that was made by Yahoo!’s most recent CEO Marissa Mayer.

What has been increased is the file attachment size. The Yahoo! Mail service provides 100MB per upload on the network. It even has spam filtering and virus protection. The inbox is insanely easy to navigate. The services has other tab based functions that are supported. It is also possible to attach files from cloud services like Dropbox or Flickr.

If you are one of those people who is extra organized, then Yahoo! Mail is for you. Keep your emails together in folders. You can even search for email addresses, search the entire internet or search by keyword. Yahoo! Mail also provides support for third party email accounts within their app.

It is now possible to get creative with your emails! Yahoo now provides advertisements that are added to an email in the footer. However, there is a disadvantage if you have Yahoo! Mail as your online email provider. If the account is not used for 6 months or more, the account is shut down. There is hope though, you do receive a notice of extension of 2 months if this occurs.

Okay, so what are the key features? We have the 1TB of storage space. It is fantastic if you get a lot of email. Support for bigger file attachments. A spam filter for filtering out unwanted emails. Personalization and multi-tasking. Simple integration for contacts and much, much more.

Now, onto the fun point. Yahoo! Mail is accessible on the web through the Yahoo website and is supported with all the major web browsers. It is also available for iOS and Android.

If you are using Yahoo! Mail for business, then it is $34.95 per year for one custom email address. It is $9.95 per month for unlimited email addresses.

GmailYahoo-Mail 7+ Best Free Email Providers Online

Gmail does not really need to be introduced as it is integrated with Google as one of its many features. There are over 900 million people that use Gmail as of May 2015. It has 15GB of storage that is free and it can be shared across all the different Google products.

These include Gmail, Google Drive and Photos. However, there is a restriction when it comes to the file size that can be added to emails. 25MB is the limit. This is a massive concern for users who might send a massive amount of photos and other files over their email.

Gmail can be synced between all devices in which a person’s Google account is linked to. Emails will be sorted into different categories like primary, social and promotions. Others include favorites, labelling, spam filters and third party add-ons.

Because Google has a two-step verification system, it makes it a lot harder to crack the system. In other words, it makes it harder for people to hack into your account.

The iOS and Android apps now have support for extra third party apps. So those email accounts can be used in the same app which is.

Another feature that is worth checking out is Google Wallet. Google Wallet can be integrated with Gmail, allowing the user to send or receive money. Think of it being Google’s version of PayPal or Apple’s Apple Pay.

In terms of disadvantages, there are a couple of things you might need to know about it. Other than the web client that is run through Google, you can only use the apps for Android and iOS. People have always been skeptical about providing their data to Google. They would much rather have lower services when it comes to their emails. We believe that this is fair. We would not want other people to get their hands on our data either. The limitations when it comes to storage often have people looking for better options.

So what are Gmail’s key features? It has a categorized inbox. Yes! Spam filtering. Ooh! Labelling. Perfect! Personalization. Just what we like to hear!

All of the major web browsers support Gmail and there are also apps for iOS and Android.

If you are running a business and want to use Gmail for email, it is $5 per month or $50/ per year.

OutlookYahoo-Mail 7+ Best Free Email Providers Online

Look familiar? If you are a frequent user of the Microsoft Office suite, you might have noticed Outlook. More on that in a minute. Outlooks is best known for being a webmail client that operated by Microsoft. If you have an old Hotmail email address don’t worry, Hotmail addresses still work on Outlook.

Looking for better syncing to all your Microsoft run apps? Not a problem. Outlooks helps in syncing your apps. You don’t need to worry about having to sync your Microsoft accounts individually. This is because Outlook will help you do that.

Want to know what the biggest advantage is with Outlook? It has a clean interface which is simple and easy to use. A feature exists that allows for the automatic deletion of emails. Any emails from these will be deleted before they even have the chance to arrive in your inbox. It is handy to have especially if you do not have the time to clean out your inbox.

What is great about using Outlook is that you can block unwanted emails. You can also sort your emails into categories. You can even turn photo attachments into slideshows. How awesome is that? Yet, we are getting ahead of ourselves. There are a few things you will need to watch out for.

The first thing is that when it comes to storage, Outlook only provides 5GB with the free version. There is a positive outcome that comes from the storage dilemma. When you signup to use the advanced features you get unlimited storage. Also, like with previously mentioned clients, the attachment limit is 25MB.

Outlook’s key features include access to OneDrive, People, Skype, Office Online, etc. It also includes automatic deletion of unwanted emails.

The email client is available on Windows Devices, all major web browsers and iOS and Android.

For anyone using Outlook for business it is $4 a month or $8 per month for the added features. Such features include unlimited storage and better security.

MailYahoo-Mail 7+ Best Free Email Providers Online

Now, not many people would know much about Mail. It is an alternate email service. It provides unlimited free storage for email accounts and 2GB free file storage. There is also a whopping 50MB for email attachments.

A neat feature that Mail has to offer is that it allows you to create up to 10 alias email accounts. All of these addresses can be accessed through Mail. Another feature that Mail has is the Organizer. This tool allows users to manage events and handle their calendar.

We have already highlighted the key features but here is a recap anyway. Mail allows for all your email accounts to be managed in one place. It has an organizer and alias emails.

Mail works on all major web browsers and has apps for both iOS and Android.

Zoho MailYahoo-Mail 7+ Best Free Email Providers Online

Business professionals will be familiar with Zoho as it is renowned. It has Office tools in which Zoho Mail is one of the tools that is provided. The tool recommends that you set up your own domain name to use the platform. By doing this, you are able to access the email addresses. It comes with 5GB of storage within the mailbox and a single gigabyte of document storage. For anyone that uses Zoho, they will be familiar with the interface of the client.

Zoho also provides calendar, notes, tasks, etc. for easy access on the left sidebar. It includes the ability to customise your folders. Other important features include spam filtering and marking emails as Important. Also, Zoho is ad free so there will be less clutter laying about.

There are no major downfalls with this client. If the reviews are any indication, Zoho definitely deserves a shout out.

Here is a recap of some Zoho’s features. It has a very simple interface and is clear of any clatter. It is ad free and has business worthy services for anyone looking to use it for their business emails.

Like most email providers, Zoho runs from any of the major web browsers. It will also work with Android and iOS apps.

What is great about running Zoho Mail for business is that the custom email for business startup fee is $0. That is right. It is free!

iCloud MailYahoo-Mail 7+ Best Free Email Providers Online

For anyone that has an Apple device, will be more than familiar with the iCloud feature. What some people might not be aware of is that attached to iCloud is iCloud Mail.

iCloud Mail can be configured to work like every other webmail client out there. It syncs perfectly to Apple devices. Users are given 5GB of storage and the client has a file attachment limit of 20MB. It supports IMAP and SMTP but appears to lack support POP3. iCloud Mail is preferred by millions of users because there is no period of inactivity and it is secured.

What is great about iCloud Mail is that it will sync to all apple devices that are linked to your iCloud account. It can also be accessed from any web browser. It is also ad free so there is no need to be distracted. It also has a unique design that is fresh and stylish.

While iCloud Mail is great, there are a few disadvantages that need to be aired out. With there being no support for POP3, third party email accounts cannot be used within the client. Also, emails cannot be categorized into folders.

So, let’s sum up some of the key features. Emails can be synced to any Apple device. iCloud Mail is ad free, it has a clean looking interface and can be accessed on both Mac and Windows.

iCloud Mail is supported on MacOS, Windows and all iOS devices.

AOL MailYahoo-Mail 7+ Best Free Email Providers Online

AOL has been around a really long time and so has its email service. AOL Mail has a lot of great features that are worth taking a look at. There is a 25MB attachment limit. AOL Mail provides its users with unlimited email storage as well. It also supports IMAP, POP3 and SMTP.

The email provider also allows other email accounts to be used within the client. It is secure in the case of viruses and spam. AOL also provides a number of choices for the email domain.

There is so much more to AOL Mail then just being an email provider. The client includes AIM, folder categorization, to-do lists, events and text messaging. There has also been a change in the design of AOL Mail. The new design is clean and is perfect for people who want something familiar for their email account.

Here is just a recap of some of the key features that AOL has to offer. AIM chat, event planning, to-do lists, spam and email control and much more.

AOL Mail is available for iOS and Android as well as being supported on any web browser.


All in all, we have compiled some of the best email providers on offer. There are so many other providers out there but the seven that are listed are the ones that stand out to us. We have had a total ball giving you our take on some of the best free email providers. We have tried these out for ourselves and have found that we are impressed with what we have found.

Perhaps you use some other email provider that we haven’t heard or listed. Why don’t you let us know by commenting below or letting us know on social media? We would love to hear your feedback and would love to hear of all the other email providers out there that you all use.

If you have a question be sure to email us or ask us on social media. We look forward to hearing from you. So, until next time and we bid you all good day (or night)!

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