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15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

Music lovers are everywhere and equally, there are also various resources online from where one can easily search for, listen, and download their favorite tracks from any artist. However, the only difficulty is that not all of those websites will be might be able to provide you the content in a legal way and to download & using the content from those sites might infringe the copyright of the artist. Additionally, apart from legal consequences, if you got away with that somehow you will certainly feel an inner-guilt inside yourself for violating a copyright. So, to keep your conscience clear from the guilt and to avoid legal infringement, here are 9 legally best free music downloading sites from where you can download and enjoy any song or video perfectly in a legal way without violating any law.

9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

Best Free Music Downloading Sites

Amazon MP39-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

Being one of the biggest online retailing company, Amazon MP3 service also has one of the largest music databases among the 9 legally best free music downloading sites. While Amazon MP3 is a service which provides every content by charging money for them, but you can also download MP3 songs for free by using Amazon smartphone app and from their website. The free songs collection at Amazon is a staggering 46, 000 songs that are exclusively legally free to download and listen. Although, the latest collection might not be available freely on Amazon MP3 (but very few) however, you can enjoy songs from other era’s such as the 90s, 80s, or 70s with a large collection of free songs. Signing up on Amazon will give you some value-added features as well.

Last.fm9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites is more like an online radio service then an MP3 hosting site. However, it does not mean that the website didn’t offer MP3 songs for free. But that is a known fact that the free songs collection on is not as huge as you might be expecting. Plus, there are no requirements for signing up to use the features such as free music downloading on the site. Although, you can download or listen to songs on right on your PC, Android, or iOS devices due to their applications for these platforms.

SoundCloud9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

Among the 9 legally best free music downloading sites, SoundCloud can be termed as the ultimate best. You can simply download or listen thousands of free MP3 songs from this website which has one of the largest collection from the latest to the oldest. Plus, in spite of listening/downloading your favorite music tracks, you can now upload and share you’re very own songs that you have created in your voice with the SoundCloud’s community for free and legally. This could, in turn, provide you a stable income & popularity as well if you are in a band or professionally make songs to sell. However, the only drawback in SoundCloud is that not all of the songs in their library can be downloaded. So, with all this, you can additionally enjoy SoundCloud on Android and iOS as well with their dedicated app for both platforms.

NoiseTrade9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

NoiseTrade can be the best platform where you can found songs from thousands of artists around the world promoting their unique talent and skills in music. All of these compilations are legally free to download and listen from NoiseTrade. Additionally, NoiseTrade is a social networking place for as well for the music fanatics where they can interact and share the stuff with friends and singers from around the world. However, MP3 songs are free to download, but you can also pay for a song to an artist whose work you like the most as a token of appreciation. If you are a singer yourself, you can upload your own songs on the website and share them with your friends and fans alike. All in all, NoiseTrade is a good place to download legally free music which you should visit once at least.

MP3.com9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

This is by far the oldest MP3 songs website among the 9 legally best free music downloading sites where you can find your choice of music free to download and enjoy. However, despite being the oldest site in this niche, still doesn’t have a very large database of music. But whatever the collection they have, you can still find quite a few noticeable tracks for you to download and listen. The website also supports and promotes the creative works of individual young artists from around the world. So, there are huge chances of you finding some great new talent there.

QTRAX9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

QTRAX is the youngest music service among the 9 legally best free music downloading sites where you can find great music to legally download both old and new. The websites slogan, “Free Now, and Free Forever,” clearly conveys to us that this music service will never charge any penny for its usage. You can instantly find songs from your favorite artists both new & old in their huge music library. However, to listen to them freely, you need to download and install QTRAX own media player on your PC. The app for Android & iOS will be out soon so keep checking. So, with unlimited downloads, streaming, and radio service, QTRAX is certainly one of the best bets you can make.

SoundOwl9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

With the most simplest and minimal approach, SoundOwl owns some of the great collection of free mp3 songs to download from every popular artist in the world on their website. You can download, share, listen online, or label your favorite music as you like on SoundOwl quite easily. Thanks to this website’s easy interface, you can browse through the library and share your favorite songs pretty easily. The site’s own media player is also capable of providing you playlist feature which you need to just play once and all will be played for you automatically. Explore & enjoy the content on SoundOwl.

PureVolume9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

PureVolume is a usual place for all talented artists to upload their music and for you to download it legally & freely. You might have noticed these type of websites in this list of 9 legally best free music downloading sites very often. The reason for such is that many free platforms are not eligible to host huge legal content freely, except some which I have mentioned above. In turn, they start to promote the new artists legally on their site so you can download new songs for free. While it is certainly not limited to only deliver uncommon songs, you can find some popular songs for free on PureVolume as well. However, not all artists on the platform give you the right to download their songs for offline usage while some do, but in both cases, an online stream is absolutely free as well no matter how much you want to listen.

Free Music Archive9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

Free Music Archive or FMA in short provides its user a great collection of songs to download legally and free. Although, you cannot upload music on this site as a user but you have the options to check out songs from different genres, playlists, radio, and etc. Plus point is that that you don’t need to sign up to use their amazing services for free on the site. You can additionally curate your own list and contribute that to other users of the site where they can hear/download songs from your list as well. With easy to use interface and simple options, FMA is worth checking among 9 legally best free music downloading sites.

Spotify9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

Currently Spotify is a listen-only app for both Android and Apple, Windows and even has a web player. With millions of songs, and artist from all over the world, you can find any kind of music for any occasion. The best part about Spotify is that it is easy to make your own radio station, with spotify giving suggestions based on the songs you rate, and ones you’ve listened to in the past. It also makes it easy to share a song via Facebook, and you can even make an account using your Facebook account. You can post songs via Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook, or send a direct link via email to a friend. Never fight with having an app makes a horrible song list again.

With so many apps to choose from, the only drawback is needed to make an account to run the program.

Jamendo9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

With a diverse collection of both Indie music and cover songs, Jamendo is the perfect place to find something new. The site has a long updating list of new musical artist to check out, a list that shows the latest post, and drop down menu for sorting though the Best, Trending, and Latest of over 20 different genera, you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll like. They also have multiple radio stations you can listen to for free anytime and anywhere. They make it easy for artist to upload their music, meaning the scene is always evolving and becoming better. To quote the site: “Jamendo is all about connecting musicians and music lovers from all over the world. Our goal is to bring together a worldwide community of independent music, creating experience and value around it.”

With a wide catalogue of more then 500,000 tracks all being shared by 40,000 from all over the world, and the site coming in multiple languages, this site is well worth the look. You can get the most out of it with a membership, which allows you to save your list and favourites.

Vimeo9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

Vimeo is know for their video content, but they also have music store where you can purchase music sold by the users. They have a list of free music listed under the “Creative Commons” tag. While you need to sign-up to be able to single-click download, it’s worth it. You can find some interesting gems posted via the users, and some wonderful remakes by artist new to the scene.

Vimeo has a free app on both Android and Apple store that makes keeping track of incoming videos and music a snap.

SoundClick9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

Created in 1997, SoundClick has both signed and unsigned artist on the list. While being social media friendly, most of the perks of this site are a free member profile page, tons of MP3 downloads, streaming audio and video, their own music charts, the ability to customize your own radio station, and a music store for those MP3 you can’t find anywhere else. They also have a message boards, list lyrics, and the ability to send musical e-cards. They have tons of bands and full-length songs to download. With viral widgets you can also promote your favourite artist. With over 3 million members and over 60 million page views monthly, it continues to be a popular go-to site for music and entertainment news.

The VIP membership gives users a flash page, background radio, 40MB/ song uploads, and zero ads all for $9.95.

Youtube9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

While YouTube is the most well known video site on the Internet, it can also hold a few gems among the videos. A lot of indie artist will post links in the descriptions of newer videos with links to a free download for a limited time. If you search “creative commons” you can find hundreds of videos with the links to free download to the song in the video itself or in the descriptions. With more artist and bands using YouTube, the list of free music is ever growing.

YouTube has an app for Android and Apple.

Live Music Archive9-legally-best-free-music-downloading-sites 15+ Legal Free Music Downloading Sites

The Live Music Archive lives up to it’s name. With a list of music by Year and by Topic, this site has something for everyone. With over 161,809 results to date, and a forum full of music fans, you can find days worth of entertainment. By teaming up with, the site’s purpose is to “providing the highest quality live concerts in a lossless, downloadable format.” The collection is listed as trade-friendly artist, and is strictly non-commercial. They don’t plan on ever making it a pay site, for ether fans nor the artist. Unfortunately, the artist commercial released are predominately off-limits. With multiple resources for fans, it’s a well of information on live performances.

This site will probably never have an easy app, but that’s probably for the best. With such a paired down site, an app would be overkill.

So, these were some of my picks in this list of the best free music downloading sites as of now, the next update will come as soon as I will get new resources that are good to use. For the time being, you can try these amazing sites and download songs of your favorite artists without any fear of violating the copyright of anyone. Have you visited any of these sites before? If so, how do you find them? Do you have any other website where someone can download and enjoy music legally and for free? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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