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8+ Best Google Chrome Alternatives

In the past few years, Google Chrome has been the most used browser across the entire globe. Part of the reason for this is that it is very simple to use, it has some very powerful features, and it is faster than many browsers have a tendency to be. This doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best browser to use though.

When looking at other browsers and comparing it with every feature they have versus Chrome, there is a good chance Chrome will, at the very least, look better to consumers out of all the browser options out there. But other browsers tend to offer more unique features and many aren’t directly affiliated with Google. This means that other browsers won’t send all of your data to Google the way Chrome does. Chrome also tends to take up a lot more memory on your device than other browsers do, which can cause problems for those of you who enjoy having a lot of tabs open or regularly browse the internet an older device.

In any case, this list was put together for those of you who don’t like Chrome, have a PC that doesn’t run Chrome well, or just want to use something other than Google Chrome. I hope you find something that you would like to use here!

Mozilla FirefoxChrome-Alternatives-2 8+ Best Google Chrome Alternatives

Firefox is another incredibly popular browser because it offers some very good features, some of which are very similar to Chrome’s features, and doesn’t take up that much memory. For those of you who always have tabs open, this might be a good browser for you to use.

It allows its users to protect their privacy much more efficiently by allowing them to use customizable privacy options. Your data will also be encrypted so no one can see it unless you change the settings so that only certain information is revealed. It might not hide all of your information, but it is much better in this regard as compared to Chrome. When closing and restarting the browser, it closes every tab and doesn’t try to open them again unless you want them open.

Mozilla Firefox is compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS and also has support extensions and plugins that can be downloaded.

OperaChrome-Alternatives-2 8+ Best Google Chrome Alternatives

Opera is based on Chromium the same way Google Chrome is, so this may be a good browser for people who are searching for a new browser that still has many of the same features and settings to Chrome. Opera is even lighter than Firefox and also provides fast navigation.

One feature that really makes Opera stand out is the fact that it has something called “Turbo Mode.” When you go into your settings and enable this particular feature, all data accessed in the browser will be compressed and decreased in size, which creates a faster loading time and also uses much less internet data. For those of you reading who have limited data connections, this may be a good browser to consider getting!

Opera is compatible with Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS and extensions for this browser are available.

You can get extension for Opera from its official add-ons website.

SafariChrome-Alternatives-2 8+ Best Google Chrome Alternatives

This browser is fantastic for those who are using an Apple device. It works faster than Chrome and Firefox typically when used on an Apple device, which makes it more ideal for more users.

Some really cool advantages of Safari is that it comes with many tools and built-in features so you can further protect your privacy, it is much light than Google Chrome, and still works well on older PCs.

The downside is that it there isn’t too much customization available to you. If you’re an Apple user who likes having a lot of customizable features to fit your particular style of browsing, this may not be a very good option for you.

Remember that Safari is only compatible with Mac, OS X, and iOS system and that extensions are available from the Apple website.

Microsoft EdgeChrome-Alternatives-2 8+ Best Google Chrome Alternatives

This browser is Microsoft latest browser to be released, but it is only available for Windows 10 users at the moment. If you don’t have a Windows 10 device, you may want to skip reading about this browser now.

This browser isn’t as great as Chrome is, but it does have fast loading times and some unique features! You can change the theme of the browser, customize your home page and new tabs that you make, you can create a reading list to read your favorite articles whenever you want, and you can take notes directly on a web page, save the notes, and send it to others!

There’s one more really cool feature about Microsoft Edge if you like having your device lend you a helping hand from time-to-time: it comes with Cortana, Microsoft’s virtual assistant! She can help you while you are browsing by doing things like providing answers in the search bar or making suggestions.

This is definitely a great browser to get if you really enjoy your customizable options and have a Windows 10 device. It might even be a good idea for students to take use of this browser so you can save your notes as you read online articles or do homework online.

As I mentioned earlier, Edge is only compatible with Windows 10 and there are currently no extensions that can be used for this browser.

Comodo DragonChrome-Alternatives-2 8+ Best Google Chrome Alternatives

This browser is offered by Comodo, which is a web security company. This means that the browser will have a lot of security features in it, far better than the security features that are available in Google Chrome. It’s also based on Chromium, so it will be very similar to the way you experience Chrome.

A few cool features of Comodo Dragon include the option to route all of your traffic from its secure DNS servers, scanning a page before it loads to make sure there aren’t any viruses or otherwise harmful data, and you have total control over your privacy! This browser is very good for those who like Chrome but really want a lot of security features instead.

Sadly, Comodo Dragon is only compatible with Windows operated devices. Users without a Windows device: sorry if I got your hopes up. Another note: Any Chrome extensions work on Comodo Dragon.

MaxthonChrome-Alternatives-2 8+ Best Google Chrome Alternatives

Maxthon is very similar to Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome in its features. But this browser is designed to sync up with cloud storage so the entirety of your browsing history, cookies, and cache on one device can be accessed on another. It’s very easy to share data between devices: just select what you want to access from another device, share it on the cloud, and now you can access it from all your devices!

Another super interesting feature of this browser is that you can open up tabs in the cloud. Basically: open up a tab on your computer and you can explore this same tab on your phone. It’s a super interesting feature that makes it stand out a bit more.

This browser is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux devices, and any extensions for Maxthon can be downloaded from their official website.

VivaldiChrome-Alternatives-2 8+ Best Google Chrome Alternatives

This browser is a new browser – so new that it hasn’t even been finalised! If you’re curious, you can take a look at their technical preview to see how the broswer will function once it is finished. A lot of users are saying that Vivaldi is essentually created for those who want total control over their browsing experience.

Essentially everything is customizable, from the design of the browser down to the features it has. Some of the specific features include adaptive colors, where the color changes with the website, a built-in email client, tab groups, and adjusting where you see tabs and search bar on the browser.

Vivaldi is another Chromium-based browser so the experience overall will be very similar to an experience with Google Chrome. Vivaldi is compatible with devices that have Windows, OS X, and Linux. Any extensions for Chrome are supposed to work on this browser.

ChromiumChrome-Alternatives-2 8+ Best Google Chrome Alternatives

This article has repeated itself over and over about how some browsers are based on Chromium. Well now here it is to talk about!

There aren’t very many features in Chromium, especially when you compare it to Chrome. It is also connected to Google, so there may be privacy issues. These are the more negative aspects of Chromium.

The positive aspects are that it is an open-source software, which is very good for those of you that don’t like closed-source software or are using Linux. It also works well with all the Google services while being a lighter browser than Chrome. Downside: there’s no updater, so you will have to manually update the browser whenever an update is released. That’s not too difficult to do though, so it could still be the browser for you!

Chromium is compatible with Windows, OS X, and Linux and any extensions you would like to download are available from Google’s Web Store.

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