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Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

Mobile gaming has grown and developed into a very mainstream market as the years have gone by. Especially with most people now having smartphones that can have several games installed at once. The cool thing about this new mobile gaming platform emerging in such extreme size, especially for the iPhone, is that there are multiplayer options for those who want to have a fun gaming experience with friends!

Here are some of the best multiplayer games currently out there! However, they aren’t all free so make sure to check the cost before you click that “install” button. Also, many of these games have options of purchase items in-game so make sure you won’t automatically have to pay $20 just because you clicked on the wrong part of the screen.

Great Multiplayer Games For iPhone

Asphalt 8: Airborneasphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

This app is one of the most successful racing game series on the iPhone so far. It allows players to have one-off races and play through career mode and time trials while doing cool tricks mid-air. Career mode is the one to use if you want to play with others. It has over 300 different events and allows you to face up to 11 other players online.

Part of the reason for this success is that many more people are able or willing to download this app when it is free! The other part is that there are about 13 tracks and around 100 cars to choose from, which creates a lot of variety within a game, something players really enjoy seeing and using to display their personality to others online.

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hourasphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

For those who love console first-person shooters like Call of Duty, there’s a god chance you’ll love this iPhone game. For $6.99, you get very good graphics for a mobile game, a pretty good story mode, and a lot of multiplayer battles.

There are other games within the Modern Combat series, but because you have to pay to even download this one, it takes off a lot of pressure to buy items in-game. That’s why this game made the list!

Carcassonneasphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

This is a very popular board game that had players build cities and road, claim farming areas, and attempt to mess up the other opponent. Luckily, this strategy game has a tutorial so you can learn and begin playing much more quickly. Typically, this game allows anywhere from 2 to 5 players to play each game. It allows each player to place a terrain tiles on the board so they can extend a road or rail line across the board.

This game is a bit pricey at $9.99, but when you look at the features you see that it’s worth it. It has local play, online multiplayer games, rankings, nine AIs to challenge, and many expansions. This game is a lot more similar to the other strategy games I have listed so far, so maybe something else will peak your interest before the article ends!

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraftasphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

Hearthstone is like an online card game. It is very similar to Magic: The Gathering, and the game itself is pretty easy to pick up right away. However, it will take a long time to master it. To compete against the other hardcore and competitive payers, you may want to earn or buy cards for your deck.

It helps ease you into the world it creates with introductory missions, which allow you to learn how to cast spells and summon demons. You can play against the computer and other players as you try and see if you can win.

Football Heroes PRO 2016asphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

This is a great game not only for sports fans, but also for those who like games with graphics modeled after old arcade games: cartoon-like. This is a stark contrast to games like Madden, where the game is incredibly realistic looking. This game also features super moves like the Power Throw and Distraction so each player gains more power on the field and will improve their stats if there are more successful plays.

There are several ways to play this game with friends: online league, local multiplayer, cup mode, quick match, and sudden death. Not only are these games modes fun to have, but each friend can download this app without a care since it is free! Although there are packs available in-game to help boost the team.

Lords of Waterdeepasphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

This is a strategy game that requires you to assign agents to various areas, collect resources, complete quests, recruit units, and construct buildings. While this sounds like every other strategy game in existence, this game also has a cool multiplayer mode.

Fights can be fought with those in the same room as you using a pass-and-play type of gameplay or with those hundreds of miles away. This multiplayer function allows up to 5 players to participate. The app itself costs $6.99, and the two expansions cost $2.99.

Vaingloryasphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

This app is a free multiplayer online battle arena, or MOBA, game. Some popular examples of this genre are League of Legends and DotA. Vainglory is a way to combine typical console-style MOBA games to the iPhone platform. As it typically goes with this genre, you get to pick your hero, customize them with different items, and then fight other players in the arena!

This game isn’t for those with little-to-no time to spare as there are many types of heroes, cards to collect, and 20-minute-long matches. But it will surely be worth every minute you spend on it if you enjoy other MOBA games! Not to mention there are various bundles you can purchase to help you in the game or further customize your character, ranging from $4.99 to $99.99. Be careful which buttons you press!

Ticket to Ride Pocketasphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

The Ticket to Ride board game required players to draw a card with 2 cities on it, connect the cities with trains, and collect points for each train made. This is a strategy game because you must think about how to block your opponents, try and set up the longest train, and plan for future destinations. The virtual edition isn’t very different except in how the players interact with one another, and the fact that it only costs $1.99.

There is single player, local multiplayer – where you both connect over Wi-Fi to play together – and online multiplayer, where you can challenge someone else from another country!

Fun Run 2asphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

Fun Run 2 is a racing game that involves a bunch of forest creatures racing each other on foot. This sets it apart from many others racing games, which typically feature cars or other vehicles. This multiplayer game allows up to 3 people to play in a match at once. One of the components of this game is creating more chaos by allowing each player to pick up traps and slow down or destroy your opponents.

It’s a very simple and free game, but perfect for those who just want to play a short and silly game with friends!

Pandemicasphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

This is another app that is a virtual version of a regular tabletop game. Pandemic is a game where players are trying to save the world from deadly disease. In the iPhone edition, you can play with up to 3 friends with its pass-and-play mode. You also get to choose from one of the roles they have available, such as Scientist or Researcher, and then try to go and save the world!

The app itself costs $6.99, but there is also an expansion available for this game called On the Brink, which allows up to 5 players join in the fun and also brings in several new roles and events possible so you won’t get bored playing it.

8 Ball Proofasphalt-8 Best Multiplayer Games For iPhone

Pool is a pretty classic game all over the world. This virtual version of pool not only makes it much easier than hoping to find a pool table somewhere when you want to play, but it also allows you to compete with your Facebook friends and other players from around the world.

Other than that, it’s basically a virtual version of people. One cool feature is that you can earn Pool Coins so you can customize the way the cue looks and what location you have matches at. If you aren’t very good at real-life pool, which is full of awkward angles and circling tables, download this app! It’s very simple to use and you won’t even have to move!

Battle Monkeys

Some people aren’t fans of realistic looking games like Modern Combat. But there are still fun fighting games to play, such as this app, Battle Monkeys. In this app, you control an army of monkeys and fight against other players to see who wins. You also get to customize and level up your monkeys!

This game is free and it lets you have a fight against random players who also have the app or play with friends. There are in-game perks you can pay for. But if you don’t want to, that’s fine also because you should just enjoy the 3D multiplayer fighting game anyways!


This free app has the player focus in on trying to save your quickly disintegrating spaceship from crashing and likely killing everyone inside. Here’s the fun multiplayer part: one person get to see a panel full of different dials and switches. But you can only learn which ones need to be moved by receiving instructions from the rest of your teammates, who have the instruction manual on their screens. You also get to have funny instructions yelled at you, or get to yell them, because many objects on the panel are marked with images rather than actual words.

It’s great for whenever you and your friends are bored, or just when you want to have a nice party game to play. Each game can have 2 to 4 players in it, so gather up 3 more friends who can download this app and play away!


Catan is based off of a very popular European-style game called Settlers of Catan. You can challenge players, no matter what type of smartphone device they are using, you can challenge the AI, or you can try a scenario made by the game developers.

This game costs $4.99 on its own, but you can also get the two expansions by paying another $4.99. If you are willing to find a good game for a fair price, this is likely it. This game makes the players plan ahead, react to an opponent, and also makes them come up with new strategies to counter any die rolled. If you enjoy board games, this is for sure a good game for you!

Words with Friends

This is a pretty simple game to play with your friends. It’s essentially a virtual version of Scrabble, where you have tiles with letters on them so you can create words horizontally or vertically. Each letter is worth a different amount of points. Whoever ends the round with the most points wins!

Not only is the game simple to play, but it is incredibly popular and it’s easy to access! Words with Friends has over 108,000 reviews on the App Store and it’s also free to play! You can either challenge your close friends or another random player to a game. You can also easily get onto this app through any device that has an Apple or Android interface. It’ll be good to be away from the phone for a little while.

Let the Games Begin!

That may be a Hunger Games quote, but it works pretty well here. We all know at least one person who gets crazy competitive over games. Why not up the ante by challenging them to a game on your phone while you are both hanging out together next time? Hopefully the games listed within this article will provide a good basis when looking for new games to play with others. Have fun and good luck!

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