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11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

If you use your home PC for work, school or you just have important pictures and files that you really can’t afford to lose than you know you should back up your data. This is something that is drilled into us at university and it is very important, but how safe are your backups? Are they really secure? Is there a chance they could be lost?

How Secure Are Your Files?

The reality is that even if you are really careful and you back up your files every time you make an important change here is still a risk of losing them to damages and unforeseen circumstances. In order to make sure your files and documents are protected if anything happens to your PC then you have to back up your files pretty much every day but the problem is that 1: many people don’t do that and 2: even if you are one of the diligent few who does back up your files regularly they still aren’t completely secure.

When we do work on a computer we often forget that our files and documents are saved on a real-life device. Even if you are saving everything to an external hard drive something could happen to it. It could catch on fire, be damaged or be stolen and if that happens you’ll need to have backed up your files in another place. That’s normally fine as everything should still be on your computer but what if that got stolen or caught on fire at the same time? Will your data still be secure then?

How Else Can You Back Up Your Data?!

This isn’t meant to freak you out and realistically speaking these things probably won’t happen, but if you do have important files or just things you really couldn’t bear to lose than it is a good idea to back them up somewhere else to ensure they remain secure no matter what.

One of the things you can do is use an online backup service to make sure your data is accessible from the internet. The internet can’t catch on fire and although it can be stolen some websites are a lot more secure than your house may be. These online services will automatically backup any documents and files you need via a remote server so you can feel secure in the knowledge that they are safe. All you need to do is create an account on one of these websites, set up your details and that’s it.

If you want to make sure all your details are safe in the unlikely event of a break in or unforeseen damages, then why not save your data online so if you need to you can restore it at any time? It only takes a second and it could make a huge difference.

Where Should I Save My Data?

There are loads of online backup services and it can be hard to know which one would work best for you. Many of these services are free but naturally these tend to be a bit limited and if you want to save more data you’ll need to know about the premium options and what services they can provide.

You’ll also need to know about all the features and benefits you could get so you can make an informed choice. Some of these features include the ability to synchronize your folders and create links for your files so you can easily share them among friends or co-workers, whilst others may offer a range of other perks and features. To find out what’s on offer so you can choose what’s right for you read on for the 11 best online backup services!

11 Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently:

These are the 11 best online backup services which can help you keep your data safe and secure. Read on for features, perks and detailed reviews.

1. Spider OakSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

Spider Oak is a zero knowledge cloud which has been protecting the security of individuals and work groups for over ten years. They offer an encryption service which will keep all your passwords in one secure location, it will generate strong passwords for you, it can synch information across your phone, tablet and PC and it will help you manage all your personal information for free!

It also offers the Spider Oak One Back Up One option which let you back up 1,000GB of data for only $12 a month and the Semaphor option which will let you fully encrypt chats and files for just $9 per month.

What makes Spider Oak so popular is that it has a zero-knowledge privacy policy which makes sure that you are the only person to see your data. No one else, not even staff members, will have access to your data.

2. Crash PlanSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

Crash Plan has made security easier than ever. All you have to do is download CrashPlan, select your drive, computer and cloud and then click start for complete security. This back up service will protect everything from work documents to music and photos and it continuously works even when you’re not. This is a very user friendly service which is compatible with Mac, Windows and Linux.

The great thing about CrashPlan is that it stops you from doing things you’ll regret. It will automatically keep your deleted files indefinitely (unless you opt out of this feature) so you can always find what you need.

3. BoxSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

Box is a great option for business teams. This back up system lets you share files securely and it even lets you edit, review and create documents with other people in real time no matter where you are in the world. This service will also protect your files with their impressive security controls, it offers encryption and can even bring the security to your mobile phone.

Whether you need to protect important business information, personal details or get rid of all the extra paperwork this site can help you.

4. CarboniteSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

Carbonite automatically backs up all of your folders, folders and data without any additional work on your part. This service offers unlimited data backup and it will even back up from external hard drives as well as internet files to ensure that you don’t lose anything.

Cabonite is always running in the background when you use your PC so it can automatically back up your emails, photos, music, documents and more. This poplar company has over 1.5 million users and provides services for 75,000 companies which makes it one of the most popular backup services available. If it works for 1.5 million people than it might work for you too.

Cabonite is a great option for small businesses and self-employed individuals because it offers affordable services which help you protect and recover your data any time yu need to from anywhere in the world.

5. Back BlazeSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

This backup website is very easy to use and offers unlimited storage, but the drawback is that it can only protect files which are 4GFB or less. This might be a problem for some people but Back blaze does offer a lot of perks. It will back up our files and data and save them to the cloud so you can access them in real time and you also get a free 15-day trial so you can try before you buy.

6. Acronis True Image OnlineSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

Acronis gives you a lot of power over your data. You can back up external drives, cloud or any NAS device and you can set your own backup schedule so it will save any changes you make as you work to make sure nothing gets lost.

This Back up services can be used with cloud and local backup. It will save single files and entire systems, you can access your files at any time anywhere, it lets you restores data quickly and easily, and Acronis is compatible with most PC’s.

7. Norton Online BackupSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

Norton is a very popular anti-malware and anti-virus company which uses its expertise to help you secure your data. It knows how hacking, fishing and spyware works and so it is well-equipped to keep your files and data safe and sound.

Norton Online Backup offers loads of features and benefits. It will back up all photos, files, documents and data so you never need to worry about losing anything, it offers government quality encryption so no one can access your personal information, it lets you transfer files from computer to computer quickly and easily, and it will do all of this automatically so you don’t need to waste any time. This service can be used for up to 5 home PC’s on one relatively cheap purchase. It also offers 25 GB backup space and is a great option for home users and self-employed people.

8. IdriveSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

Idrive lets you connected an unlimited amount of computers to one account under one low price, it can be used across devices and is compatible with both Apple and Android products. This impressive backup service can protect the data on your iPhone or Android device as well as your PC, it lets you set backup schedules and puts you in control of your data, and it even has a special Idrive vault which is ideal for businesses.

Idrive offers 5GB of free storage and it has an impressive capacity of 3 TB. It will also let you retrieve up to 3 TB of data in less than one week via physical shipment, it won’t use up your broadband and it has special options for small businesses.

9. AdriveSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

A drive is a great option for online backup services. It has a super low starting price of $25 for 100GB and it lets you try out the services with a 60-day free trial.

This website offers tons of features. It lets you securely manage and back up your files, you can easily edit and share your files online which makes it a great option for businesses, you can access your data at any time from any device and It is constantly being updated to give you the best possible service. It is compatible with Android and iOS, it lets your password protect your files to ensure no one else can access them and you can create a file link to easily share documents.

10. Live DriveSpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

This is an affordable, fast growing and popular cloud and backup company which offers a large range of services for your needs. Live drive helps you instantly back up everything that matters on your PC or MAC, it will sync your files across all chosen computers, it lets you share and edit files from a Mac to a PC and helps you work on your documents on either device.

It also has a Pro Suite option which offers automatic backups and easy integration and it has special business packages to suit your business needs.

11. MozySpiderOak 11+ Best Online Backup Services to Secure Data Efficiently

This is a very affordable service which is ideal for home users. Whether its music, photos, financial documents or business files that you want to backup this service will automatically back up all files to make sure nothing gets lost.

Mozy is very easy to set up and once it is installed it will continue to back up your files regularly so you don’t need to worry about losing anything. You can also schedule backups whenever you want and all files will be protected on a military-level security cloud which will ensure no one who isn’t meant to access them can reach them. Mozy can also work on your phone and it will let you download all files at once so you can use them anywhere in the world.

The End

All of the websites mentioned above are great choices for keeping your documents and data secure so no real life catastrophe or internet security leak will compromise their safety. Most of these options have several packages and price plans available so it is a good idea to take a close look at the information listed on each company’s website to make sure you select the right option for you.

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