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Which Are the Common 8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools?

A business’s success can be determined at various points using a variety of ways. This majorly depends on what stage the business is at. All the basic methods of knowing the success or failure of a particular business, is by taking a keen analysis of the business data. This again depends on the stage of the business. A newly beginning business may have no data at all. Carrying out an analysis for such a business is entirely next to impossibility.

Mostly in business, you are never sure of future changes for example the financial situation may change in the near future. In my perception, it is a fair toil. That is when you do not know what to expect, no boss to look upon, still you do not have a performance checkup or gauge that will be presented to you, in order to gauge the position of your business. In deed it is very hard for one to know when to give it a thumbs up or not! This majorly comes about when you did not get the business off the ground on a blueprint. Business with no planning is not possible in any way. You need to have a step by step road map to the success of your business. Besides, loosing perspective on how far you have come is easy.

Essentially, in a business, handsome returns and the break even date prove to be very supportive barometers of business operations and customer relation. Just this two factors are not enough to paint the full picture of the business, especially when you simply focus on them at the beginning of the business, since you have no idea of what response the market will give back and again the business expenses are quite lower.

Shedding light on the analysis of the business, there are vital methods that you can use to securely carry out a reliable analysis of your business data, and as a result be able to determine the success or failure of your business. You can use reports, charts, Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) amongst other helpful factors. This will leave you with data concerning the particular company that you are trying to gauge. It is important to as well have a professional to handle the already analyzed data as he or she would give a helpful and comprehensive result as indicated in the analysis. It takes time, effort, brain work, real time dedication and man power in order to give correct and helpful results.

You can be saved all the tussle for the whole bulk of work. The whole process can be automated by the help of real time helpful business intelligence tools that would see your tasks well done and come out with adorable and convincing results. These tools are popularly known as the open source business intelligence tools, which day in day out continue to be known and incorporated by great business people.

There are eight best open source business intelligence tools and they include:

SpagoBISpagoBI-Labs Which Are the Common 8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools?

SpagoBI, an open source business intelligence tool, is a tool that majorly carries out a great variety of analysis based functions. This tool has different types of modules that add join up to provide the collection of functionalities. They include SpagoBI SDK, SpagoBI Studio, SpagoBI server, SpagoBI suite and SpagoBI Meta.

Amongst the modules, SpagoBI server serves as the main module which provides the main and analytical operations. The other modules which entail the SpagoBI studio which aids the developer in designing and modifying the analytical records for instance cockpits, charts, reports and GEOs. On the other hand, SpagoBI Meta specially handles inquiries and metadata. Last but not least, the SpagoBI SDK integrates the services issued by the server. All these tasks can be performed by a specialized person who needs to be paid, but SpagoBI, an intelligent tool covers the reports and gives you the structured data in an adorable and pixel-perfect manner. SpagoBI uses user oriented and very flexible OLAP engines to give multidimensional analysis, and as a result, users are able to analyze the various data from a range of perspectives.

BIRTSpagoBI-Labs Which Are the Common 8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools?

BIRT in full means Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools. It is an open source technological platform powered by actuate in addition receives funding from different bodies that is the invent solution and the IBM. It contains quite a number of components which make it a great business intelligence tool. BIRT is a top notch software based within a great foundation known as the Eclipse foundation. The eclipse foundation is a nonprofit independent consortium for software company vendors and open source community.

Lately, most companies have adopted BIRT as their form of reporting their technologies and carrying out data visualizations. BIRT has a massive popularity amongst one hundred and fifty-seven countries and boasts over twelve million downloads developed by two million five hundred thousand developers. In addition, BIRT prides a very large and actively changing developer community representing nearly all kinds of organizations.

BIRT has a runtime and a report designer. The greatest and pleasant part about BIRT are the chart engine, the viewer and the chart designer. The user is allowed to comfortably develop and then publish his or her reports as an independent operational solution that is not depending on any hardware or software.

Jasper ReportSpagoBI-Labs Which Are the Common 8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools?

In a nut shell, JasperReport simply is an open source business intelligence tool, it includes various components which are iReport report designer, jasper report library, jasper report studio and jasper report server. Jasper report is the most prevalent and also largely utilized open sources reporting tool. The tool is completely coded in Java and can utilize any data from any source and still produce clear perfect documents that may be viewed, printed or transferred in various formats including HTML, PDF, Excel, OpenOffice and Word. JasperReports has various features which include:

  • Scriptlets which may go hand in hand with the report definition, of which the report description may cite at any place to perform extra processing. The scriptlet is created using Java and has several hooks that may be cited prior to or after the levels of report creation for example report, page, column or group.
  • Sub reports, for users with more advanced and complex report management necessities, reports created for JasperReports can be simply transferred into the JasperSever of which is the interactive report server.

PentahoSpagoBI-Labs Which Are the Common 8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools?

Pentaho is a Business Intelligence software corporation that provides Pentaho Business Analytics, a compound of open source provision which provide data integration, reporting, dashboarding, data mining, OLAP services and ETL functions through which it is able to perform as a complete business tool. The Pentaho suite provides two choices that is an enterprise and community edition, having extra functions in the enterprise edition. The enterprise edition is acquired through a yearly based subscription and entails extra support services. Pentaho’s major and basic core provision can be improved by add-on products, mostly in the form of plugins, from the organization itself and also the wider society of users and enthusiasts.

Report ServerSpagoBI-Labs Which Are the Common 8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools?

Report server is also known as SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) which offers a special interface into Microsoft Visual Studio so that software programmers as well as SQL administrators may connect to SQL data sources and use SSRS tools to crate SQL analysis in various complex means. SSRS also offers a report builder operational tool for less experienced and technical ICT worker so that they can formulate SQL reports of lesser variations and complexities. SQL Server Data Tools for Business Intelligence (SSDT BI) minimizes the RDL (Report Definition Language) element to graphics in a GUI (Graphical User Interface), through this one can drag graphic images or icons into an SSRS analysis format for common elements of the SSRS repot instead of writing code, it is simpler and easier. Report server is an open source software with marvelous and special unique features such as graphic reports, dynamic lists, interactive dashboards, reports variance, user management, data sources, report management, hierarchical structures, teamspaces among other features. It combines the top reporting engines in the market where you can now choose one which fits your current need accordingly. Report server has the support of JasperReports and Eclipse Birt there is also a basic support for SAP Crystal Reports which will be extended in upcoming versions.

OpeniSpagoBI-Labs Which Are the Common 8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools?

Openi is an open source which offers a web driven interface to create and produce compiling reports from OLAP data sources. It also intends to offer comprehensive analysis from all key data structures of an intelligent application, namely:

  • OLAP figures
  • Relational data centers
  • Statistical models
  • Data mining procedures

Openi key goal is to simplify creating and publishing reports for businesses, it also aims on saving on both time and money.

RapidminerSpagoBI-Labs Which Are the Common 8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools?

Rapidminer is a software platform which offers a wide and compiled environment for machine study, data research, text mining, forecast analysis and business analysis. Being a code free source, it can simply create your data analysis program visually and also enhance prompt delivery by eliminating the necessity to write code. It can be used with various data forms such as Hadoop, CSV, Excel, Oracle and MYSQL RapidMiner provides 99% of a higher technical solution through template based frameworks which speed delivery process and minimize errors by eliminating the need to formulate code. RapidMiner is java programmed software formulated using the Java programming language. RapidMiner offers a GUI to create and formulate and actualize analytical coordination and workflows. These workflows are also known as processes and consist of several operators of which each operator has a single task in the process and the output of each operator formulates the input of the proceeding operator. Alternatively, the system can be operated from other programs or function as an API, although individual functions can be called from the command line. RapidMiner offers study schemes, models and algorithms and can be elongated using R and Python scripts

Jedox Client-Server SoftwareSpagoBI-Labs Which Are the Common 8 Best Open Source Business Intelligence Tools?

Jedox client-server open source solution provides business intelligence and performance management interventions for comprehensive data analysis. Its control central core is a cell created multidimensional in built memory OLAP server that has unique created features and design for planning, analysis, reporting and data integration. The Jedox open source tool software has a modular structural design and utilizes Microsoft Excel as its main interface for operation hand in hand with a Jedox-specific spreadsheet on the other of which both are usable in common browsers. Jedox has been designed and structured for data consolidation, reporting and analysis and it can be utilized in all sectors of a company or organiasation. Jedox obtains the required constructive data from the downstream systems, simplifies it to an analyzable form and avails it to various user groups using the necessity based evaluations or ability to reach choices selected in several multiple user friendly front-ends. The most crucial and significant feature of the source is that apart from tackling Business Intelligence applications e.g. OLAP reports, it also encompasses the choice of creating a Performance Management solutions such as demand planning, financial organization and budgeting.


The basic methodology of measuring the degree of success is by keen and close analysis of the business data depending on the stage of business. Whether focusing on small data or big data the most important goal of any organization is to maintain a consistent making and implementation of better decisions thereby providing the space and convenience of good planning, execution and growth of objectives. Business performance has been made easier through automated programs as seen above, through this a deeper and wide analysis of an organization maybe handled with ease to provide more accurate and reliable information within minimum time.

Companies also require to have a deep and thorough understanding of their full business context. Through this, one can make strategic decisions and meet correct implementations as well as be able to meet financial goals. A cohesive and thorough analysis strategy of the business ensures that the absorption of upcoming and new innovations, ultimately support better and more applicable decision making process.

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