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Why and How to Best Protect Your Crucial and Important Data with Cloud Storage Devices?

It is estimated by the computer giant IBM that we are producing more than 2.5 quintillion bytes every day. That comes out to be 2,500,000,000,000 GB of data and it is ever growing. In other terms, it can also be called as BIG DATA. The reason of this colossal growth is the new technology that is continuously coming up, to be specific, smart phones, smart watches, laptops and all sort of wearable and non-wearable technologies that is coming up in today’s marketplace.

From where such a huge data comes? The sources are innumerable like various social networking platforms, social influencers, various blogging websites, NoSQL Data Sources, various transactions that take place, machine log data, drive among others.

Above all, we are continuously sending and receiving data over the networks, be it public network or private network. This unstoppable and enormous growth has to be stored in some way with some kind of smartness to store, share, and backup the crucial data in the present and the future time.

From where does the CLOUD comes into picture?

Cloud and its services plays an essential role in the data management techniques by filtering the bandwidth, storage and backup solutions. But the bigger question of the day is, is cloud smoothing the backup services? How can the data risk be minimized so that you can store your important data in the cloud?

Why is it important to store your data in cloud storage devices?

No matter how well prepared your organization is against the catastrophe, every business is susceptible to disaster. Fire, flood and theft can leave the business in a precarious situation, not to forget the cyber threats that constantly haunt the network security providers. If you are unable to get the cloud storage devices, you can redeem Curry’s discount codes and get lucrative offers on such devices.

  1. Data Management and Recovery

The worldwide access to cloud due to the latest technological developments has hugely benefited the business world. This is where data is stored and centrally managed online, which allows everyone affiliated to the network to have the access to the files remotely, irrespective of their location.

If your business has not started using cloud computing, then it is high time that you start now. Using cloud storage devices allows the data to be stored online. Some stores like Dealslands, etc. have some of the best and irresistable offers that you can’t imagine of.

This means that there is no further danger of flood, computer crashes, theft or hard disk damage. Added to this, if the worst thing happens and a business is forced to shut down its office doors, 74% of adults in the UK with broadband connection at home can continue to work which will minimise the disruption as much as possible.

  1. Disaster Recovery Software

Do you consider your cloud network as secure? However secure and safe your company’s cloud network is, important and not-so-important data should always be backed up in several locations via a centrally managed data backup service. One of the common and easiest methods for data backup is the use of disaster recovery (DR) servers. Disaster Recovery servers can be initiated within minutes allowing instant access to important and crucial whenever they are needed.

  1. Business Continuity Strategies

Every business should have a plan in case of any unlikely event like fire, flood, and many other such occurrences. Also, there are many such specialist service providers who help in such situations. If your business is currently associated with any managed service provider, Multi Protocol Label Switching network or cloud software, then disaster recovery strategy should be preferred.

How to protect your important data with Cloud Storage Devices?

Best method to secure your data in the cloud network and in the cloud storage devices is through the encryption software. Some of the encryption software that are most commonly used in the cloud network and cloud storage devices are listed below:

nCrypted Cloud

nCrypted Cloud is one that makes the complicated process a very easy job for you to encrypt the files and folders stored in the cloud. With a simple click, easily encrypt and decrypt any files and folders stored in your OneDrive folder or any other cloud storage services.


Sookasa is designed with even more robotic security features that can make the use of Dropbox. Sookasa encrypts all the files in the cloud using AES-256 encryption. On top of that, network administrators can set the number of key expiration times. Once the key is expired, the user won’t be able to access the encrypted file.


BoxCryptor is a cryptographic virtual hard disk that encrypts all data on the fly using the AES-256 standard. You can assign a drive letter specifically for it so that any files that are dropped in the drive will be encrypted automatically before syncing to the cloud.

It’s also worth noting that adding encryption software to the data in the cloud decreases the user-friendly experience drastically. I believe that it is probably one of the reasons why any of the network security service providers are not providing it. I would highly recommend that try not to use the encryption method extensively unless it’s necessary, e.g. the data you stored to the cloud is extremely critical, crucial for your business and potentially sensitive.

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