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Comparing the Pixel Qi screen to others

by mary_lou_jepsen on August 26th, 2009

display_comp_slide_lit1.jpgAbove is a comparison between the new Pixel Qi screen and other screens available – enjoy! – Mary Lou

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  1. vincent permalink

    On this diagram the olpc-Display
    seems to have different performance-characteristics in “black and white /reflective mode” in comparison to the new PixelQi-Display.
    What are the differences between those two displays,
    responsible for this improvement in “black and white /reflective mode”?
    Thanks, Vincent

    answer: The pixel qi screen is entirely new (we have many patents pending on the new architecture), but the result is much higher performance

  2. I wonder if the diagram means that Pixel Qi is slightly worse than what they use in modern eBook readers.
    And BTW, will Pixel Qi support sub-pixel anti-aliasing in reflective mode? Not that I cannot live without it, but still it would be nice.

    answer: we have higher power consumption than electrophoretic technology, but the vast majority of power consumption in a screen comes from it’s backlight, with it off, the power savings are dramatic. Backlight can be turned off in room lighting and outside (the screen is sunlight readable). Of course anti-aliasing and sub-pixel rendering are supported. We are slightly dimmer than electrophoretic in dim room light, but in these cases the backlight can be turned on to the lowest setting (very low power) and the effect – the screen appears similar to electrophoretics – with the majority of light reflecting off the screen. In a totally dark room, the pixel qi screen can be seen and read using the backlight feature, unlike electrophoretics.

  3. brianpeiris permalink

    What amazed me about the XO’s screen was it’s high resolution in grayscale mode. I believe it calculated to be around 200 DPI. How does the new Pixel Qi screen compare to the XO’s screen in terms of DPI? Are you looking into increasing the DPI towards print-quality in future products or are you limited by conventional manufacturing techniques?

  4. mukiex permalink

    My big question about subpixel anti-aliasing essentially boiled down to this:

    On a Windows box, the size/font used in this blog’s comments section is un-anti-aliased. meaning, the letter ” l ” is a single line of pixels. If I was using a Pixel Qi screen and I killed the backlight, would that letter be surrounded by grey subpixels, essentially resulting in a “free” anti-aliasing effect, making the text look nicer than it would on a similar-resolution e-Ink screen?

    In other words, Qi screen – Backlight @ 1024×600 vs e-Ink @ 1024×600, who has better anti-aliased text at the smallest font size possible?

  5. foxcatalyst permalink

    What about source of backlight – are You aiming in LED or CCFL?

    Is Your main goal to provide the best readability and paper like perfomance?

    And most of all – what about other than netbook screen size, like 14′,15,4, 19, 21, 24 inches?

  6. foxcatalyst permalink

    So I guess for Winter Holidays/Xmass Your displays will be available for customers?

  7. @foxcatalyst
    “Our _first_ screens will be 10″ diagonal screens for netbooks”
    I guess that means that if everything works out, there will be other screens.

    “The epaper mode has 3 times the resolution of the fully saturated color mode”
    Given that modern netbooks’ DPI is already a hundred and something, I guess we’re going to get much more than 200 DPI.

    * Quotes taken from
    And never mind my question about font anti-aliasing. At 300-400 DPI it probably doesn’t matter :)

  8. sparkriver permalink

    what is cost of a ebook reader we are looking at with this screen ?
    below 200 or 100 ?
    what would be the cost of the screen alone in mass manufacturing ?

    will it be cheaper than the E ink or its more expensive than e ink since it has dual capability? since it uses LCD technology to manufacture its supposed to be cheap .

  9. linrong permalink

    Mrs Mary Lou Jepsen,

    Thanks for your idea of this display which is exactly what I have been expecting in the market.

    What I wonder is will there be big size like larger than 22′ panel for the market to make it available used as desktop display.

    For me, the most significant impact is that maybe I could well protect my eyes by using it because my daily work is in front of computer display.

    Thank you very much!

  10. pepe permalink

    For Christmas, I want a TouchBook with your screen. Including the chip to keep display working in suspend-to-ram mode. Pleeeease…

    As long as battery time and display are good, don’t worry about the price too much..

  11. bennyaltuca permalink


    Is it possible to reach a full HD (1080p) resolution with this screen?
    What percentage of the gamma colors can the screen support?
    When do you hope/think that this will start selling in the 12-15 inch range?
    Is there any plans of massively selling this screen on tablet pc’s by the 2H of 2010 or is it still ways off before such thing happens?
    What is the maximum refresh rate it can handle?

    On a more personal note:
    I really wish to have this screen on a tablet. Its likely i would use it without back-light all the time, except for when gaming and watching media. which is why i am interested in a good enough resolution and color support, but its not really that important to me, tho it would be a nice plus.
    Reason why I’m asking if it might be available by the second half of 2010 is because I’m sure allot of tablets will be coming up in between November and the first quarter of 2010. But if by waiting to buy one 3-6 months i can get one with your screen on it I’m very willing to wait.

    Hope you get to respond to this message sometime. It would make me quite content.

  12. bennyaltuca permalink

    P.s. your graph is quite confusing. You should add some explanation to it.

  13. OK…here it comes: Q4…What’s the plan?
    Mary Lou is providing the hardware…

    Calling ALL you commenting propeller heads…
    Where is my utilitarian interface? Where is my <$20 rfid/wi-fi enabled, flex-touch-screen widget?

    Where ever you are, THEN you are there, mentioned George Carlin in passing.

    Add gps and/or wi-fi triangulation to the above and you’ve got something I’ll buy…a market of 20 million ANNUALLY awaits…AND, I plan to GIVE IT AWAY…what say you commenting propeller heads…?

    Suggestion: Get on it…then get back to me…it’s the next metro
    ‘e-newspaper’ in a vibrant metro market…and an answer to the 4th Estates (failing) subscription model…

    Who is me? No one but an inarticulate english lit major, having matriculated an engineering school…in itself an oxymoron…BUT…we know apps.

    kdr by the sea

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