If you often check the news you already know that massive data breaches are nowadays quite common. Basically, it seems like there is no corporation that is safe. Even Yahoo ended up having to deal with a breach of around 500 million user accounts.

We often see sites hacked. This includes government security systems that become susceptible to coordinated cyber attacks. It is now more important than ever to work with information security services that can monitor the condition of the entire IT system for any business that needs to deal with a database of any kind.

The good news is that you can play your part as the business manager and you can increase the security of your databases. Start with the tips mentioned below and be sure that you work with an IT expert that is specialized in dealing with database management security for the best chance of avoiding hacks in the future.

Engage Your Workforce

Most security problems appear because of mistakes that are done by employees. The organization can have the very best possible data management processes and network security and still end up with problems since one employee can make the system highly vulnerable.

Be sure that enough time is dedicated, together with the necessary resources, to raise awareness and train employees about potential cyber threats. Your employees need to know exactly how to respond to phishing attacks and how to protect their own devices.

Choose The Correct Cyber Security Solutions

You can have the best possible level of employee awareness but still be a victim if you do not use appropriate software and hardware solutions. You need to research networking devices in order to increase data security. Your business needs encryption protocols, password protection and firewalls.

When the business uses guest networks, they have to be separate from internal networks that are more secure. Also, although obvious, anti-virus software is needed on all the devices that can connect to the internet or to the network that needs to be protected.

Be Ready For The Breach

Sometimes, no matter what you do, a smart or lucky hacker will manage to break the network. After all, if the government was hacked, there is always the chance that you can be hacked. Because of this, you need your plan B. All vital business data has to be backed up. Do this at offsite and onsite locations. Test the cloud-based solutions and all the backup methods rigorously so you are sure that they do work as they should.

Hire A Data Security Specialist

Whenever you feel that you do not know what to do and you are not confident in the security that is necessary for your business, you have to contact a data security specialist. When you do want to protect the organization, the data security manager is the best person to talk to. Fortunately, this can be outsourced. You do not necessarily need to have a person that takes care of security hired by you. Working with someone that is specialized in security guarantees you always have the right training, software and hardware available.

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