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About Hotstar application

During my first interaction with this application, I didn’t like it. That was because the app was in early stages and it was not stable, full of bugs and performance issues. Later with stability and performance improvement updates, the app got better, and now it is among the best apps to watch media content online for free.

The app is owned by Star TV channel group of company that clearly ensures that you have a lot of content to watch without paying anything. There are channels that produce normal TV shows, English TV shows as well along with proper broadcasting rights for sports coverage including IPL, etc. This ensures that you can watch dozens of TV channels and also the sports one. In short, you are never going to feel out of ammo.

The content is well categorised throughout the application, and it is another clear indication of how easy it is to use Hotstar for its purpose. You can easily find the shows or movies you are looking for and then a simple tap on your favourite choice will start the streaming.

Since, there is no pricing involved, so you have to watch advertisements while watching the media content. There isn’t a single media file without any advertisement. So, this is the only thing that can hurt your experience, but it is never bad like television.

Hotstar-for-PC-Download Hotstar Download APK For Android Free, Install Hotstar App

As I said in starting, the performance and stability factors are improved much now. This means, that app works most of the times and offers good user experience. The only reason it may not work is hardware and software incompatibility. It works fine on any iOS device manufactured after 2013, and when it comes to Android, there is no straight line. But, you should have a device with at least 1GB RAM, dual-core processor and 4-8GB of free internal storage.

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