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How To Download Hotstar And Other Apks To Your Device

Some phones do not have a lot of storage, maybe 2 GB unless you get an SD card put into your phone. However, SD cards can cost $14-$20 dollars for more gigabytes than you will probably use. Your phone may say it has enough storage but it just will not let you download that app from the app store because it says you do not have enough space. Some phones do not connect to the Internet as well as other phones and have a hard time downloading apps to the internal drives. Or maybe your phone is just refusing to download an app that you MUST have.

If this is the case than you may want to turn to downloading the APK files of the app. APK files are the install files for apps on the android, you can download them from the internet for free straight to your device. Often times they take up less space than the actual app and will always download to your phone. You must be careful when downloading APK’s as you do not want to download malware and viruses as well. The apps do not have viruses themselves, so it is not the developers. This means that the apps are safe; the websites that you download the apps from may put viruses in the folders and be unsafe.

There are a few apps that you can download that will check to make sure that the files you have downloaded do not contain any viruses.

Hotstar TV:

Hotstar TV Live is an android app created by Start India Pvt. Ltd. This app serves as a channel that let’s you watch movies, TV, and sports and through your android device. This app becomes very popular during the sports seasons as you can watch every game you missed or would like to watch. This app is available through the app store and is also available through APK download.

Hotstar TV live is very easy to use:

  • Search for your episode
  • No sign up commitments
  • Watch your favorites
  • Attractive Interface
  • Multilingual shows
  • Download Capabilities

Here are a few ways to download Hotstar TV as an APK onto your android device.


The first way you can download APK’s to your phone is through a website called downloadatoz. Downloadatoz offers software downloads for all platforms include Android. It is very simple to download APKs from this site, the instructions are detailed below.

  1. Go to the Downloadatoz website and search through the search engine to find the APK you want. In this case we will be downloading the Hotstar TV APK files.
  2. Go over to the green download bar and click it to download the application. This should be complete soon and accessible through your notification bar or in your downloads.
  3. At this point you can scan it, though your phone might automatically do it for you.Download-Hostar-apk How To Download Hotstar And Other Apks To Your Device

Evozi’s APK Downloader:

The second way to download APK’s is through a website known as Evozi’s APK Downloader. Here we recommend a different way of downloading the Hotstar TV APK.

  1. To download from this website you must have the URL from the app in the play store. You take this URL and paste it into the APK downloader.
  2. From here you click on the generate link button and after a few seconds you will have your link!
  3. When you click on this link the APK files will begin downloading onto your phone.
  4. Now, you will want to scan it here to make sure that it is completely safe before downloading it onto your phone.

Now there are also a few ways to download Hotstar TV onto your computer, which will give you the same effect as having it on your phone.

Chrome Extension:

You can go through the different ways above but there is also another way, you can download this APK through a chrome extension.

  1. Go to Chrome then go into your Chrome settings.
  2. Click “Get more Extensions” and search Hotstar TV.
  3. Click download and follow the instructions to download the app to your computer.

Downloading to Phone:

Once you have done all of this your phone may not allow you to download the app because it is from an external source. This is easily fixed.

  1. The first thing that you need to do is go into your setting and click on Security.
  2. In security you must select “unknown sources”. By doing this you allow the outside sources on the Internet download things on to your phone. Now, items will only download to your phone if you have given the okay so there is no worry that your phone will be downloading things all the time.
  3. Once you have done this you should go through to your downloads and open the APK files, this will automatically download the files onto your phone which in turn downloads the actual app onto your phone.

Going through and downloading all of these files and using these websites is completely free, there is no charge to you and you do not have to sign up either. Not only can you download Hotstar TV but you can download other apps to your phone and computer this way as well, which can save you money and time in the long run. You must make sure though that you are able to scan for viruses otherwise you may harm your phone if you are not careful.

Hotstar TV is a very useful app that is easy to use. It will give you access to all your favorite TV shows, movies, and sports shows all at the press of just one button. You can download this app on multiple platforms including your android phone and computer. You can download this app through APK files or through the app store; it may be easier through APK files as the download process can be much simpler this way.

Now you know how to download APK files to your android and stay safe!

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