Over the years, there has been drastic rise in the number of recovery software programs being released in the market. This sudden increase has aggravated the problems of customers who look out for the best software in the market. One such software is EaseUS data recovery wizard professional. This software has some features that help it stand from the rest. The best aspect of this software is easy-to-use panel.

Data RecoveryFunctionality:

 This free data recovery software is ideal for recovering deleted files. In fact, it’s capable of even recovering those files that you tend to delete from your recycle bin. This software is capable of smartly skipping bad sectors for fast scanning of data. It can recover different data types such as images, videos, documents etc from the memory cards, hard drive, USB devices, and a wide range of other storage tools. This software can smoothly recover data even from dynamic disks too.
This software is an efficient freeware that is capable of recovering up to 2GB data in its trial version, which is available for every user. If you want to further more recovery capacity, then you have an option to upgrade to paid version. It is a user-friendly tool that tends to offer thee options to user in the form of deleted data recovery, complete data recovery and partial recovery. You can easily understand the processing of this software. If you want to test it, then you can consider deleting a file from your recycle bin, and then run this software.
Key features:
It can recover data from storage devices such as hard drive, floppy disk, memory card, camera cards, floppy disk, and a wide range of various other storage mediums.
With this software, you would be able to recover deleted files from your corrupted dynamic disk.
It is capable of recovering data from RAW hard drives.
It is a well-known fact that disc partitioning leads to data loss, but with this software, you would be able to retrieve such lost data too.
The recovery software is efficient in recovering all file types such as images, documents, videos, emails, music, etc.
If your hard disk has crashed and you’re worried about the lost data, then stop worrying because this software can recover this data.
There are times when a family member accidentally formats our system and this leads to loss of data. But, if you have this software, then you’d be able to efficiently recover the so-called lost data. In fact, with this software, data recovery is possible even if someone has reinstalled the Windows too.
This free data recovery software never retrieves poor quality data. In other words, the data retrieved by this software would be ideally understandable and usable.
Irrespective of some negative aspects, the EaseUS data recovery wizard professional certainly has features that help it to stand out from the rest. People repenting over the deletion or loss of an urgent data should think over again. When they have a recovery software within their reach, then permanent data loss is definitely a thing of past.
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