A warning has been issued by researchers that blackouts will become more common around the world as power systems are not receiving enough investment to deal with growing population. In the future, it is predicted that many cars will be powered by electricity along with some our current gadgets and air-conditioning units, this will only mean the demand for electricity will go up.


Blackouts: sociology of electrical power disaster has recently been published. The paper predicts that power cuts will become more common and more severe in the future. Since 2004, Italy, Brazil and China have all had noteworthy power disasters. However, these are only considered a dry run of that will happen in the future.

Having a continuous supply of electricity is something that the Western world need to forget about claim Steve Matthewma from Auckland University and Hugh Byrd from Lincoln University; the writers of the report.

They went on to say that more and more people will take electricity for granted as the world becomes richer. Also, as the population keep rising, so too will the demand for electricity.

Ofgem, the British energy watchdog has warned that from 2015, the UK is under an increasing threat of power cuts becoming more and more common.

Power stations will need to be invested in. It is estimated that approximately $100 billion will need be invested into building new power stations before 2020 or the system may collapse.

In 1955, the US consumed almost 500 billion kilowatt hours of electrical energy. In 2007, air-conditioning systems alone used that much electricity. It is estimated that for every year the passes, the demand for electricity increases by 20% in China, as in the past 10 years there has been a threefold increase in the amount of property owners.

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