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Fixing Common Android Kit Kat Problems

Today Android Kit Kat is a top choice of Android users. Although the upgrade was a successful one by Google but like always, not without some issues of its own as well. So, here I bring to you an article by reading which fixing common Android Kit Kat problems won’t be a headache to you anymore. Let’s read out the tips then.

Battery Drainage

Those who are using Android devices complains this the most, particularly subsequent to a firmware update, but do not be disturbed! They will be settled down after a short while. You can also help improve your battery life by adopting some of the following steps below.

  • Take the battery off from your device for at least 30 seconds then reboot.
  • Check the apps that are causing rapid Battery drain of your Android device, once determined the apps, reinstall them in a new Firmware or permanently remove the troubling App.
  • Use “Battery calibration App” to recalibrate the Battery (root access required for this action).
  • Take care of your systems cache, clean up all with using “Recovery Mode” if the feature is not available in your Android device than see specific tutorials on the web.
  • The last but the most workable option is to Re-set your Smartphone at original “Factory Settings”.

Poor WiFi Linking

With new Firmware connectivity issues are a norm. To eradicate the issue toggle your data in addition to WiFi Connections turn on & off, or try the same trick with Airplane mode as well. You can additionally check the Wi-Fi settings by taping the connection (Change if u can) > Forget > Fresh. Also try re-banding of your Androids frequencies. Still not satisfied? Recourse to flashing of newest radio file for your smartphone and this should work for you.

Gallery Stopped Unexpectedly

In this short but concise article for fixing common Android Kit Kat problems, this is another most common issue noted by far. Particularly with Samsung Galaxy S3, so to fix it just go to Settings > App Manager and then click at Paper Artist > click Disable. It will display in your App Manager counter (similarly you can enable it as well).

In other Androids handsets it may clear rather effortlessly. To clear the cache go to gallery > settings> Apps> clear the cache. However, prior to do that ensure to save your images at another place or externally using an USB.

Random Reboot

It must have been quite irritating when your Android Kit Kat crashes and restarts without your consent. It’s a complex situation, but to simplify it you just need to flash out your device. Prior to do that save all your data externally. Now you can easily proceed with flashing of your Android Kit Kat and this should eliminate the problem.

Re-occurrence of Download Notifications

After JellyBeans it rooted in Android Kit Kat in some cases for sure and could easily irritate a person. Well, to fix it, open App Drawer > Downloads > clear all downloads there. Nobody like to wipe all the downloads so keep your preferred downloads safe before killing the ghost.

Data and LTE Matters

In the series of fixing common Android Kit Kat problems, Mobile data miscarriages is among the topmost priority. If mobile data miscarries or not automatically resurfaces when Wi-Fi is turned off or out of range, toggle the Airplane mode on to “disrupt all connections”—Failed Attempts—then Turn it On again. By doing this way the issue will likely to resolve or alternatively you can restart your smartphone again.

Inaccurate GPS

These are also common Android issues user often face regularly. The best way to deal the matter is to visit Settings > Location (ensure it will be in on position) then set it to High Accuracy. Though toggling with diverse settings do work but it’s not a sure way to solve the issue at all.

System-Wide Issues

Last but not the least tip on fixing common Android Kit Kat problems is taking about multiple issue occurrence persistently, and it’s rather hard to tackle them one by one. In such situations it’s better to just re-set your Android phone on factory setting. Back up all necessary data, then go to setting > Backup and then restart your Android and follow the manufacturer’s instruction to get back your beautiful set lively and normal again.

Therefore, I hope this article on fixing common Android Kit Kat problems may well serve your needs, but don’t forget to let us know which tip has worked out for your set?


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