With a surplus of team building events and activities available across the country, it’s no wonder that many employers struggle to find the perfect group outing for their company. What is eventually chosen reflects what employers want to encourage within their employees, whether these are problem solving skills or thinking outside the box. To guarantee a worthwhile venture regardless of your aim however, there are certain team building activities which can benefit office workers both mentally and physically, killing two birds with one stone when it comes to creating an enjoyable and enriching experience for workers:


Charity events

Team building charity projects allow workplaces to give back to their community whilst encouraging employees to get together as a team for a good cause. Popular examples of these sorts of events include organising fundraisers involving the whole team for seasonal events such as Children in Need, Comic Relief or Movember, where information packs can be requested which are full of ideas for fun activities to help raise money within the workplace.

The major reason why contributing to a charity as part of a team building exercise is a worthwhile idea can be attributed to the economic climate we live in. With David Cameron recently outlining his continued plans of permanent public spending cuts, there could not be a better time for helping out local communities and non-for-profit services which have suffered from these setbacks.

So why not do something different for your next charity event and allow an event management company to create a special event with a difference that will both raise funds and reward those who are donating their time, effort and money along the way. It’s a Knockout events are a huge charity success with teams paying to enter and a trophy incentive for the winners! Or how about a Race Night in the evening that will be sure to thrill your guests.

Working as part of a team for a charity promotes cohesion and co-operation amongst those involved, hence why organising a team building activity which involves working for a charity is a great way of strengthening relations amongst workers.

Outdoor events

For a workplace that spends most of its time indoors, there’s no better suited option for team building than outdoor group events. Catered to be made suitable for all ages or fitness levels, they present the perfect opportunity for colleagues to witness the beautiful scenic locations only the great outdoors can provide. Several activities available which can help connect teams together include archery or clay pigeon shooting, alongside outdoor treasure hunts, hikes and orienteering challenges  adding an element of logic and puzzle solving to the mix.

Regardless of whichever outdoor activity you choose to organise, they’re ideal for responding to the increasing concerns regarding the health of workers whose jobs require them to sit in front of a computer for large periods of the day. Almost all office jobs nowadays enable high levels of inactivity, to the worry of medical professionals who have carried out objective studies to prove the danger associated with this lifestyle.

As well as encouraging workers to get some exercise, going outdoors for a team building progresses the creation of vitamin D, an essential vitamin for the immune system. Research from Harvard University also shows that natural sunlight can assist to elevate people’s mood and increase concentration.

Going outside can therefore effectively help solve the common problems which affect productivity and co-worker relations for both employers and employees. It can make them more pleasant and less likely to become stressed by the demands of their role, as well as encouraging employees to consider a more active lifestyle when not at work.


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