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10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

Chromecast is variety of media players created by Google. These devices are created so that they may enable users with personal computers or mobile devices to activate and manage control playback of online streamed audio and visual content on a high definition screen or audio system through mobile and web apps that use or may support the Google Cast technology. Still, one can mirror content from the Google Chrome web browser in a computer or android devices. The Google Chromecast has greatly impacted on the media streaming services since its launch with its added on advantage of being affordable and a reliable device which also lets you stream content from third party links like Netflix and Hulu.


Google Chromecast initial beta release had only few early access in the market with unreasonably high prices at eBay and Amazon. Google Chromecast hasn’t been released officially yet in Europe, UK and many other parts of the world. There is also a major drawback that discourage and put off many potential users and users of Chromecast, including the in incapacity to watch Amazon TV, in availability of a native interface and lack of a physical remote for users who cannot access a smartphone. 


Despite Google’s Chromecast being a great media streaming device, with the growing technological advancements and improvements there are various devices and apps available in the market that may have similar performance or even outweigh and outperform the Chromecast. These include:

AMAZON FIRE TVAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

Amazon Fire TV is a small entertainment and network gadget, it allows the users stream digital audio and visual content to a high definition output television as well as play video games with the included remote control, via a mobile application or with an alternative game controller. Amazon Fire TV is also the most convenient to view Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube and many types of games right from the comfort of your TV.


Amazon Fire TV is a complete media streaming device plus a device that enables you to play games out of the box, with ease it outweighs Apple TV, Chromecast or any other media streaming device. With Amazon Fire TV you can watch hundreds of TV episodes, movies, pay more than 500 games, activate a voice search and allot more common online streaming services. The pricing is a considerably high but with all the features included it absolutely worth its price of just $99, you can readily purchase the Amazon Fire TV on

APPLE TVAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

Apple TV is an HDMI-compatible source product. For viewing, you need to connect it to a high-definition output widescreen or an enhanced-display screen television with the aid of a HDMI cable. Since the device has no integrated controls this means that it can only be controlled through an external means using an Apple Remote control operator which uses its infrared or bluetooth capability, by the Apple TV Remote app which is downloadable from App store on iOS devices including iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Apple Watch, also using it Wi-Fi transmission ability or through some third party infrared remotes.

Apple TV is more convenient for users based on Apple since it lets you stream your content from iTunes directly to your television and also gives you the access of a huge variety of movies and shows directly from Apple iTunes. With Apple TV’s Airplay activation, you can be able to play games straight from your iPad or iPhone. Apart from a wide variety of streaming services, gaming abilities you can also access your locally stored files just with the ease of a HDMI socket. With a starting price of just $69 you can purchase the Apple TV from the Official Store.

SAMSUNG ALLSHARE CASTAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

Samsung Allshare Cast is a streaming device from Samsung Corporation that lets you stream movies and media files from your android device or tablet, it also provides with the platform to stream presentations right from the comfort of your workplace, this is an important feature in a workplace environment. Allshare cast requires a supported Samsung device which may be either a Galaxy smartphone or tablet. With the aid of an ideal HDMI cable or Wi-Fi connection you can be able to stream your media promptly. It comes at a price of $79.99 and you can purchase it from

WD TV LIVEAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

WD TV is a consumer device that plays videos, images, and music from USB drives which has been designed and produced by Western Digital. Through Netflix you can stream movies and TV shows, you may also access your locally stored media files there is also an advanced native application which allows you to convert your smartphone into a TV remote console making its use more comfortable and usable. With the provision of locally stored media files stream and access evades you the struggle of rooting your Chromecast in order to have this kind of access. You can purchase WD TV from at a price of $69.

PiCASTAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

This device enables you to stream YouTube movies, it supports windows phone devices, android devices, and also android iOS. PiCAST operates with an Ethernet connection which is more effective than a Wi-Fi connection in media streaming. For PiCAST to operate you need a Raspberry Pi that only costs $35. It is simple to connect and you only require some minutes to get running. There are various plans to include more features and functionality in the upcoming near future, the project is accessible at GitHub.

PiCAST has a higher performance and can be used with an Android IOS for that instance unlike Chromecast.

TEEWEAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

TeeWe is a device that provides you with the ability to stream content from YouTube from your PC or smartphone to your television set directly. To connect TeeWee to your TV you require a HDMI cable or you may connect wirelessly over Wi-Fi using the TeeWee native application from your smartphone or tablet. TeeWee may be used by either android or IOS, you can also stream content from YouTube and other internet sources in addition there are desktop apps for Mac OS X and Windows which provide a platform to enable you to stream directly. This device is available in India for only Rs.1999

MATCHSTICKAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

Matchstick was created as a project on Kickstarter where it was based on Firefox OS and was priced at $12 originally. It had been built as an open platform device but now the funding period has been closed leaving the retail version at a price of $25. With the aid of a HDMI cable you can be able to play directly into your TV also with the Fling application you can be able to connect to the TV from your mobile phone. An added superior feature is that once the content has been streamed you may now use your phone without disrupting what is ongoing on your TV. It goes for $18on Kickstarter and $25 on Retail.

ROKU STREAMING STICKAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

Roku streaming device gets data through a wired or Wi-Fi connection to an internet router. Plus, it also has over 1200 Roku channels to choose from with a committed remote and application interface, this is just what you need if you want more from media streaming devices that you may have. The price is relatively higher than Google Chromecast but considerably lower than Amazon and Apple devices. Unlike Chromecast, Roku comes handy with free Android and iOS application to choose from. At a price of $49.99 you can purchase it from

ALLCASTAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

Pioneered by the ClocWorkMod, allcast give you all the rights to conveniently stream you best moments captured in videos and photos to your television, by the help of a DLNA receivers which is a third party receiver. Allcast is freely and explicitly accessible both for android and IOS. In addition, all cast is compatible with quite a number device, which serve different functions. The devices include: Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Roku Streaming Stick and many more devices.

Informatively, one would prefer an allcast to a Chromecast due to a few reasons. Majorly you would figure that allcast is a replacement of Chromecast. That is not the actual case, allcast is simply an add-on for the Chromecast application. Allcast, including the Chromecast and other DLNA receivers, allow you to stream conveniently to your local channel content laid down to your television. Allcast streams the local based media right to your television powered by a third force DLNS receiver.

CHEAPCASTAmazon-Fire-TV 10+ Google Chromecast Alternatives

If you want to access locally stored content, basically your files and YouTube videos, on your television, then Cheapcast might be the application that you are looking for. It gives an almost exact duplicate of the Chromecast app. It is all simple, if you have installed the app in your android device, all you simply need to do is connect the specific device to the HDMI cable in your television and there you go, view your content at your comfort. You can access the app in a number of android forums and not yet on google play store, as it is not officially availed.

It stands over Chromecast because of its simple installation process and the great level of simplicity in it. Cheapcast features the ability to stream your favorite YouTube videos from your devices. The same content can also reflect on your TV by the help of a HDMI cable


It is vital to have a convincing recap concerning the app that you wish to use and make sure that it is convincing enough to be picked. All that information will be accessed by going through professionally and comprehensively researched content to avoid poor decisions.

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