It is common to sustain injuries after an accident. Some injuries are more severe than others and some end up temporarily or permanently impacting your life.


Sprains & Strains

Sprains and strains are common injuries that many sustain after some form of accident, and some of these are not as minor as you may think.


Did you know that the most common work-related injury is a sprain and strain? They are also very common in slip and fall accidents as well.


Not only are these injuries painful, but they can also cause lifelong issues including:

– Life disruptions

Pain and suffering

– Mental health issues

– Emotional damages


The extent of a sprain is categorized as different grades.


Grade 1 Sprain – the ligament is stretched or torn, usually comes with minimal pain


Grade 2 Sprain – there is swelling and bruising and it is very painful and tender to the touch, but no tear in the ligament


Grade 3 Sprain – completely torn ligament with significant pain and instability


Complications from Injuries

Chronic lifelong problems can arise if injuries are not treated properly right away.


Problems include recurring pain that comes back time and time again. This leads to the loss of enjoyment from life because of the pain. It may even prevent you from doing things you love such as dancing and exercising.


When suffering from these chronic injuries, ongoing medical care is needed, and sometimes physical therapy, a brace, or even more extensive treatment for several injuries.


The Impact of These Injuries

In addition to the complications suffered from an injury in an accident, other burdens come along.


The continuing care for these injuries is going to add up, making it a costly injury. From attending doctor appointments to attending physical therapy, a lot of medical costs can come with these injuries.


Also, these injuries can end up causing additional issues to the surrounding joints and nerves. This is why it is crucial to always not only receive proper medical care but continue with it until things are fully healed.


Not only does physical pain affect you, so does emotional distress along with pain and suffering.


When you need a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have suffered a personal injury from an accident, you need to seek the advice and expertise from a personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia.


A personal injury attorney will act on your behalf as an advocate, always having your best interest in mind. Located in Philadelphia, Edelstein Law specializes in personal injury cases from auto accidents to slip and falls. They will fight for you to make sure you get the compensation and justice you deserve.

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