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How to Delete Your Kik Messenger Account?

The Kik Messenger system is a chat application for use worldwide. Unlike other chatting systems that you might know, (e.g. WhatsApp and WeChat), Kik Messenger does not need a phone number for an account to be created.

Additionally, with Kik Messenger, you also have the option of being able to read the news and look online, in addition to the usual sending of text messages.

To start using the Kik Messenger system, you only need the following:

  • E-mail address
  • Password of your own choosing – try to come up with one that others will not know
  • A few minutes for the account to be set up online

But even though the Kik Messenger system has its ease of set-up and ease of use, and is super popular, it is possible that you will at some point desire to quit using the system. Rather than just stop using it and letting your account sit there untouched, this will show you how to completely delete your Kik account. This way, your account will be completely closed on the Kik Messenger website.

It is important to note that this information pertains to closing your Kik Messenger account. It is not possible at this time to delete your account. It will simply remain closed but inactive on the Kik site. If you ever decide you wish to use the Kik system again, you only need to login in with your credentials. This will reactivate your account.

Getting rid of your Kik Messenger Account – What it Really Means

Here is what will happen when you delete your Kik Messenger Account:

In order to delete your Kik account, you need to have a few pieces of information handy:

  • Your e-mail address – the one you used when you originally signed up for Kik
  • If original e-mail address is unknown – go to the settings section of the Kik app and update your e-mail address to the one you are using right now. This way, the deactivation e-mail that you will be sent will be able to makes it way to you.

This is what will happen when you delete your Kik account:

  • You will no longer receive Kik messages
  • You will no longer receive Kik e-mails
  • You will no longer be in the Kik directory, meaning, no one else can look up your Kik username
  • Your name will be taken off the contacts list of anyone you have ever talked to using the Kik app

Deleting yourself from the Kik system means you are deactivating your account. You can deactivate your account using your computer or using the Kik app itself. Below you will find those two ways explained with the necessary steps to follow.

Let’s Start with the Computer

Follow these steps to delete or deactivate your Kik account from your computer:

Step one: On your computer, go to the following website –

Step two: When prompted, enter your e-mail address on the site. Be sure to enter the e-mail address that was the one you originally used when you signed up for the Kik Messenger program.

Step three: Click the GO button on the page.

Step four: Wait for an e-mail to be sent to you that will have a link in it. This link will be a deactivation link for your account.

Step five: open the e-mail and click on the link to deactivate your Kik account.

Step six: Your Kik account has now been deactivated. It is not been deleted. It is dormant in the Kik system; and it can be reactivated if you log back in to the Kik website.

Let’s Now Remove your Account from your Phonedelete-deactivate-kik-account How to Delete Your Kik Messenger Account?

Follow these steps to delete or deactivate your Kik account from your phone:

Step one: Before you begin, you will need the Kik app installed on your phone. Deleting the app from your phone does not deactivate your account. If the app is there on your phone, process to Step two. If the app is not there, proceed to Step one.five.

Step one.five: Go to the following iOS app store through Apple iTunes at: Follow the directions to re-download the app. Once the app is back on your phone, open the Kik app up.

Step two: Once the app is open, tap on the settings link in the app.

Step three: In the app, find your account and then tap the reset button.

Step four: Type in the e-mail address that you first used to set up your account. Press enter.

Step five: By sending your e-mail address to Kik, you will then in return receive an e-mail that contains a link in it. This link will allow you to deactivate your account.

Step six: Once the e-mail arrives, follow the directions in the e-mail and click the link. Your Kik account will not be deactivated. You can delete the app from your phone now. Remember though, that your account is simply deactivated, not deleted.

Which Method Should I Use?

If you wish to deactivate your Kik account and are not sure which method to use, it really does not matter. Both methods utilize the same last step. Each method has you take a few different steps to get to that last e-mail request. But once you enter your e-mail (which you do whether you go through the website or the phone app) an e-mail is generated by Kik. This e-mail will then provide you with a specialized link. Clicking on this link will deactivate your account.

Want to Use the Kik Messenger Service Again?

If you ever decide you want to use the Kik service again, simply log back in. if you want to use the Kik service again and want a different account name or have a different e-mail, simply return to the Kik website, pick a different username and start all over again! You can then use the computer or phone messaging versions. Tired of the app again, refer back to this article for these handy and helpful steps for deactivation of your Kik Messenger account.

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