AliExpress is one of the biggest and one of the most popular online marketplaces in the world. It’s been existing for 12 years and its products are shipped all over the world.  The secret of popularity of this website lies in low prices extending even to best-selling products.

Every day millions of people go to this website, try to find some products there and order the chosen ones. The variety of products is so large, that even if you’re just looking through the website, it’s impossible to close the tab empty-handed. Many of us like shopping and pleasant purchases, but how can we make our shopping profitable? The most popular advice is to download an extension for AliExpress that’ll allow us to track price changes, discounts, etc. Besides that, there’re other ways, but they’re less popular.  We’re going to talk about them in this article.

5 Ways How to Save Money while Shopping on AliExpress

Use the privileges for beginners

Each new user gets a bonus during registration. It’s a coupon for $2 that they can spend on any purchases.

Make purchases through the app

Try to compare the price of the same product on the website and in the mobile app. You’ll be surprised, but prices of products in the app are usually lower than on the website.

Buy products with your friends

When you order something, invite one of your friends using the function Buy Together. Thus you’ll get a big discount if you buy the same thing with your friends.

Use coupons

There’re 3 ways to get coupons:

  1. From sellers offering coupons only for buying their products.
  2. From AliExpress. There’re coupons with a certain discount for particular categories of products that are published on the website or in the app.
  3. Another way to get a coupon is to play a mini-game. The service launches mini-games during sales. If you complete them, you can get coupons and bonus coins. But keep in mind that you can get them only in the mobile app.

Choose products with free shipping

Not everyone pays attention to the fact that sometimes sellers overestimate the shipping cost. At times, it can be twice or even third the cost of the product itself.

Improve your member level

There’re 4 member levels that are available on AliExpress. You can upgrade your level with bonus points. Every level includes its own privileges:

  • The 1st level is silver. It’s assigned to customers right after the registration on the website. As for bonuses, they include congratulations on customer’s birthday and selection of special offers from sellers.
  • The 2nd level is golden. When you reach the golden level, two $1 discount coupons become available to you. They’re valid for 7 days and can be activated if you make a purchase that costs over $10.
  • The 3rd level is platinum. This level gives customers an additional discount, a $3 no-limit coupon, and a $2 coupon that’s valid only for 7 days and can be applied to the purchase costing over $10. Another opportunity that the platinum member has is to get the money back into their account immediately after they’ve returned the product which cost didn’t exceed $25.
  • The 4th level is diamond. It’s the last level that gives customers two $5 coupons. One of them is no-limit. Another one is valid only for 7 days and can be applied to the purchase that costs more than $25. Like the previous member, the diamond one has an opportunity to get their money back right after they’ve returned the purchase which cost didn’t exceed $100.

Use AliExpress extensions

You can track price changes, look at the seller ratings and price history, read reviews and do many other things with the help of AliExpress extensions.

AliHelper is one of the best services of this kind. Besides price tracking, it has the following functions:

  • Checking Sellers and Viewing the Ratings of their Activity
  • Package Tracking
  • Price History Monitoring
  • Section with Similar Products
  • Sending Notifications when the Product Price’s Been Reduced

It’s really easy to start using this extension, you just have to download it and it’ll be installed in your browser. Download the extension and entrust your shopping to the AliHelper service. Your shopping experience will become easy and safe!

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