imagesEvery single blogger must have faced problems dealing with spam. It needs to be understood that it is not only considered to be a spam, but the same can also slow down the blog, as well. Comment spams can certainly be regarded as one of the common problems that do affect a majority of all concerned WordPress users.

Few Tips

The effect of spams also extends to other types of platforms such as; wikis, forums and guest books, as well. Some of the tips that can help you in maintaining a restriction on the amount of spam can be listed as below:

  • Using Anti-Spam Comment Plugin
  • Think Twice Prior To Using HTML Tags
  • Never Activate Auto Approve

It will not be difficult for you to maintain a limit on the number of spams if you are able to know as to what is the best ways of using the WordPress Plugins.

Steps To Follow

If you are aware of using website plug-ins similar to that of Akismet, it will not be difficult for you to be able to manage comments in the desired way. The task of proceeding along with the installation process of Akismet plugin is simple. By means of following a few steps, there is least issue that you will face while making an attempt to install the plugin. The series of steps that you are supposed to follow can be as listed below:

  • Visit WordPress Dashboard
  • Click On Plugins
  • Find out Akismet
  • Click On Activate
  • Click on the link that says “Enter your Akismet API Key”
  • Configure Akismet after getting the API Key

Use Of HTML Tags

It is always better to use tags such as bold and italic rather than using <a href> tag. However, if you have made up your mind regarding using the HTML tag, consider including the attribute that reads rel=”no follow”. By means of adding the no follow attribute, you are sending a command to the search engine that the link on the page must not be followed. One of the other advantages you can relate along with the use of the attribute is that it can help in decreasing the rank of the targeted keywords, as well.

Never Activate Auto Approve

Any good web design company will let you know that one of the best ways that will prove to be of immense help in restricting spam is putting all comments under moderation. It is important that you need to make sure that every single comment must acquire approval. This type of strategy can certainly be looked upon as a surefire way that will prove to be of real advantage so as to guarantee that every single comment that appears is free from spam. There are online users who will recommend you regarding the use of CAPTCHAs. Certainly, the same can indeed be looked upon as a potent strategy that will help in restricting spam to the desired extent.

Renowned online marketers will let you know the importance of restricting the number of links that can be included in a particular comment. There certainly can be least denial of the verity that limiting the number of links that can be included along with a comment can certainly play a pivotal role in restricting spam. You are supposed to visit the settings panel, in order, to specify that users cannot include more than a single link. Also, you can affect changes within the control panel in such a way that you can expect to find notifications for every single link that is posted along with the comments. Considering banning the IP address is also another surefire way of being able to avoid spam on a WordPress Site.

Author Bio: The author, Darren Twain, has worked in a web design company for several years. He is acquainted with the latest online developments that have taken place. He is inclined in spending most of his time in searching for relevant topics.

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