The virtual office revolution has taken a hold of Indonesia, and nowhere is this more present than Indonesia. The city is an international hub that has one of the most thriving financial centres in the country. For those trying to do business in the area, they will find the area fertile ground for industry, as the country has quite a bit going in technology, manufacturing, finance, and other industries.


Businesses are also fortunate enough to benefit from a commercial real estate landscape that is very welcoming to businesses. Whether you are looking for private office space, coworking spaces, or the virtual office, finding great workspace can also culminate in helping your business carve out new opportunities. The virtual office especially allows your business flexibility and opportunity to choose your premium virtual office location across Indonesia, whether that is in Jakarta, Bali or somewhere in between.


Keep reading to learn about a few of the great locations in Indonesia where your virtual office can give you the reach and leverage you need for business.


Jakarta’s Golden Triangle


Jakarta’s thriving Golden Triangle refers to the area that extends from Central Jakarta to South Jakarta. Many of the city’s landmarks are located here among the financial, business, or diplomatic organisations, and it is considered the CBD of the city. While the triangle is known for business, it is also a major retail centre as well. The most notable landmarks are the World Trade Centre, Sahid Sudirman Centre, and the International Financial Centre or IFC.


The Golden Triangle presents businesses with the chance of working in an international location that can be a resource for their business. While it might seem impossible to find office space in a place where the rent is sure to be out of the reach of a small business, the virtual office can give you access to prime locations in any part of the Golden Triangle. Through leasing a virtual office, you have access to fine office space at a very low cost.


Imagine holding a meeting or giving a presentation out of Jakarta’s illustrious IFC. The building is considered the epicentre of the area and is one of the most sustainable buildings in the area. Not only is the building a major structure, but it is occupied by some pretty impressive businesses. More than anything, though, the building’s height places you far above the city giving you one of the best views of Jakarta.


Bali’s Denpasar


The city whose name translates into ‘north market’ is somewhat of a gateway into the country. A major city for the tourist hub of Bali and nearby Lombok, the place is considered a hub of sorts, and while it does not have the same allure as the Golden Triangle, it is fertile ground for business. The area is attributed to creating a lot of industry in the vicinity.


With an international airport that is considered one of the most highly travelled in the region, businesses can find this gateway island a great place to set up their virtual office. For those who want to exchange the fast-paced tempo of larger cities, they will also find that the area’s quaint atmosphere allows for easy access to the authorities, so if you have any questions or concerns, simple correspondence is quickly addressed. As one of the central gateways into the country, your business can flourish in a laid-back but industrious environment where registering and managing a business in the region can be done simply.


Virtual Office Solutions In Indonesia


Jakarta and Bali are popular places for both business and pleasure, but now through the virtual office, it can also be a great place for office space. Businesses choosing the country for industry no longer have to worry about being entangled in leases because the virtual office frees you from much of the responsibility of leasing conventional space. With more free time for your business, you can actually enjoy some of Indonesia’s many beautiful islands and attractions.


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