The myth that any casino is a collection of scammers, quite often found among the unlucky players. It goes without saying that if, having made a bet, you lose over and over again your own money, this state of affairs will certainly lead to anger and the desire to necessarily find the guilty. And since the slot machines are the most popular, they get first, and after the fraudsters are called the owners of the casino.

However, let us try to approach the issue logically. If the online casino in Canada would actually cheat its visitors, then sooner or later no one would spend their money on such resources. In this case, it will simply involve the effect of bad reputation – who will listen to advice from someone whose authority is negligible? In other words, any institution that offers the game for money, it is profitable for people to win at the casino, because such stories are the best advertising.

Another thing if some, wanting to try the “ideal strategy” face the fact that the slot machines online just refuse for some reason to give them money. That is, in fact, we have a difference between what a person wants, and what in reality he gets. If this difference is too big, then there is certainly dissonance, the refusal to believe that their own past beliefs are false and as a result, require revision.

Perhaps if previously the issue of regulation of online casinos was uncertain and vague, now such activities are subject to government regulation and audit. In addition, and the players themselves are now trying to choose only those resources that necessarily have the appropriate certificates. Consequently, all major online casinos operate under the regulations of the law, and its violation threatens the owners of significant fines and problems. The very risk of getting caught on the rod of real crooks is always great and there are also many examples of such examples. It turns out that through the fault of some scammers get under the distribution and many large legal institutions.

Of course, speaking of slot machines, we should certainly mention the theme of probability of winning, and as a derivative – the percentage of issuing funds, standard machines are characterized by 95-98%. This figure suggests that for every $100 with a large number of bets, you will return 95-98 back. But then again, it speaks about minimum bets on one line for a long period of time, and if you bet 10 times $10 and lose in 8 cases, does this mean that the casino is a fraud? No, of course not, because the bets should be even lower, extremely low.

Conclusion: The myth that online casinos are scammers – is a consequence of choosing the wrong strategy and bad reputation of some representatives of this market. In reality, such an institution is not profitable to deceive its customers – this approach is unprofitable in the long term for the owners themselves.

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