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Jio Welcome Offer – Barcode Help

There’s an offer that runs until December 31, 2016 for all Jio customers. This offer allows users to try various premium apps and also try unlimited calling and messaging until the offer expires. After the end of December, however, users will need to pay for these services through one of the many plans Jio offers.

For those of you who were formerly on the Jio Preview Offer, you will have been automatically transferred onto the Jio Welcome Offer as of September 5th, 2016.

But for those who are trying to access this Jio Welcome Offer, there is a barcode required to unlock it fully. You will need to have a Jio device and also will need to install MyJio. This will give you a promo code that will need to be taken into a store in order to be Jio Welcome Offer – Barcode Help

Sounds Great! How Do I Get the Barcode?

So this is a fairly easy process. If it doesn’t work, there will be a different way to go about getting the code. But here’s how it is supposed to be done first:

  1. Make sure that you have the MyJio app downloaded. If not, download it from the Google Play Store or App Store.

An additional note: If you have an LTE device, you will need to have the Jio4GVoice app downloaded in order to have the offer code generated on your device.

  1. Once it is downloaded, open up the app!
  2. Tap “Get Jio SIM”
  3. Enter the necessary details and follow all of the steps.
  4. The Jio Welcome Offer Code will be shown on screen as well as the necessary documents you will need in the store with you to redeem the code.

That’s how you get the code! Once you have the code, make sure to take the device that you generated the offer code on with you to the store.

Once all of that is in order, go to the nearest store to get your Jio SIM number. In order to activate your Jio SIM, you have to tele-verify it by typing in “1977.” Easy as that!

What Do I Do If I Can’t Get the Code to Download?

This is where it becomes a little more difficult to do. It’s not impossible to do, but it is an annoying task to undertake.

You have to download and install an older version of the MyJio app (here’s the link: in order to properly receive the code.

After the older version of MyJio is installed, here are the steps you have to take:

  1. Open up MyJio and press “install all” to install every Jio app.
  2. Once every Jio app is installed, make sure that your phone is disconnected from data or Wi-Fi.
  3. Clear out every app that is running in the background or restart your phone.
  4. Open the MyJio app again and, once you are sure that your data and Wi-Fi___33 are still disabled, clock on “My Jio.”
  5. In the “My Jio” section, you’ll find the “Get Jio SIM” option.
  6. Then turn on your internet again and press down on the “Get Jio SIM” option.

From there, the directions are the same as if you hadn’t originally had a problem downloading the code!

Follow the directions on the screen, make sure the code is saved in your gallery, and show any Reliance Digital or Xpress mini outlets near you the code and proper documents to get your SIM number.

But What Exactly Do I Need to Bring with Me/What Information Will It Ask for?

So here’s what I found through the Jio website (here’s the link if you want to look at it yourself:

  • Details Asked For- First and last name, mobile number, and the OTP (One-Time Password)

Just a quick side note: the OTP will be sent to your device through the mobile number you had placed within your list of details. You will then enter it into the proper field and you’re done with that section!

  • Documents Necessary – A Proof of Identity and Proof of Address or your Aadhaar number

Not too much to remember, thankfully. An added bonus to those who bring their Aadhaar number with them is not only that they will need to carry less documents with them but also that they will processed much faster!

Will I for Sure Receive the Code?

Here’s where it gets very tricky. Getting a SIM number through this method is actually a type of “hack” to get around the company and any loopholes that may be in place in order to get the SIM number to activate this offer.

This means that there is chance you won’t get the SIM number. Your phone itself will be fine and is completely ready to have the Jio SIM used. But some staff at the various store locations you go to may refuse to give you the code.

Be prepared to not have this offer applied to you.

But congratulations to those who can make it work, you now have free unlimited calls and messaging until 2017 comes around!

So What Will I Do After The 31st Of December?

There are many different plans to pick from after the end of December. The prepaid plans range from 19 to 4999 while the postpaid plans range from 149 to 4999.

The prepaid plans give you a particular number of days that you can use the plan for. The postpaid plans are done on a billing cycle instead. You will begin paying for whichever plan you choose, but all those unlimited calls and SMS messages will stop if you don’t pay.

To clearly showcase some of the differences between the high and low ends of the payment scale, here is what comes with each plan according to the Jio website (found on this page:

Prepaid Plans

  • 19: Free Voice; 0.1 GB of 4G data (unlimited at night); .2 GB of Wi-Fi data; all Jio aps; unlimited SMS; valid for a day
  • 4999: Free Voice; 75 GB of 4G data (unlimited at night); 150 GB of Wi-Fi data; all Jio aps; unlimited SMS; 100 ISD minutes + rate cutter (depends on country that you call as it changes how much each minutes is worth); valid for 28 days

Postpaid Plans

  • 149: Free Voice; 0.3 GB of 4G data (unlimited at night); .7 GB of Wi-Fi data; all Jio aps; 100 SMS messages
  • 4999: Free Voice; 75 GB of 4G data (unlimited at night); 150 GB of Wi-Fi data; all Jio aps; unlimited SMS; 100 ISD minutes + rate cutter

When January rolls around, make sure that you know exactly how many SMS messages or calls you can make! It can be disorienting to suddenly be limited after having an unlimited number. So set a reminder if you do download this app!

Are There Any Real Advantages to This Offer If It Won’t Last?

Well, it will save you money until the end of 2016 comes around. Depending on when you activate the offer, it will really be worth it! It can also let you see for free if you really want to stick with the company and if you like the plans that will cost more money.

Not only that, but Jio is also running another offer alongside the Welcome Offer, known as the JioFi Offer!

This offer makes it so that anyone who buys a JioFi device at a Reliance Digital or DxMini store will also receive the Welcome Offer! It will be nice for those who decide they need a new device between now and December 31st, 2016.

These JioFi devices offer:

  • 4G internet
  • They can convert any 2G or 3G phone into a 4G VoLTE phone
  • Allows its users to make video and phone calls (both regular and conference style)
  • Allows users to connect up to 32 different Wi-Fi capable devices, although Jio recommends 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • 7-8-hour battery life for a device that is actively being connected to

In order to get a Jio SIM with a JioFi device, however, you will need to submit documents to the store clerk and fill out a CAF, or Customer Acquisition Form. The documents required for the Jio SIM are a Proof of Address, Proof of Identity, and a passport size photo.

Once these papers are all turned in, the Jio SIM number should be ready for tele-verification within 4 hours. After the telecommunication is verified, the SIM will be activated and ready for use within the hour.

Overall Opinions On the Offer Itself

I think it’s a great offer Jio is promoting at the moment!

As Jio says on its page for the Jio Welcome Offer, “Enjoy unlimited HD Voice Calls, SMS, High-Speed Data and access to 6000+ movies, 300+ Live TV Channels, 1 CR+ Songs and More.”

Who would really want to pass up such a fantastic offer that may never come back again?


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