When you run a business there is an incessant demand for the production of documents.  Proposals, reports, receipts, studies, letters, and memoranda fly out of your office like flocks of birds off to catch their meals.  And they must be completed, printed and sent to the recipients within tight timeframes.  You need quality high volume printing and copying equipment.  You also need supplies and materials so you are able to print out your products.  No office or business can afford to run out of printer ink, toner, paper or supplies in the middle of printing a product.  Nightmares abound of consultants who were forced to pay a printing firm to produce copies of a final document because their own system ran out of supplies and paper at a critical time.

It is advisable for any business to be assured that needed printing and reproduction supplies are readily available.  One of the best ways to accomplish this is by using a compandsave coupon to get supplies of copier ink, toner and paper delivered at regular intervals on schedule.  Using a compandserve coupon ensures that you have the exact type of printer ink cartridges and supplies you need to assure that a major print job can be completed without interruption.  This can be essential when producing required copies of a legal brief, project proposal, or major report.  Today a compandsave.com Groupon promo code can save you up to $20 on the cost of ink or toner for your printer.  Having these supplies in your office storage can be a lifesaver when your office is engaged in the printing of many documents for an important client on a tight deadline.

The best strategy any office can follow is to assure that it has sufficient printer supplies to handle at least a week’s workload.  You can calculate this based upon a record of prior work volumes.  Of course, variations in work volumes can affect your estimates.  Therefore, it is a good idea to increase your estimate by at least half to be certain you won’t run out of supplies.  A good policy is to have enough extra supplies to cover at least a month and a half (30 business days) in your supply cabinet.  This may seem extravagant, but it is wiser than to run the risk of running out of supplies right in the middle of printing a key document.    


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