In our modern age of technology, there are more ways than ever to market to your customers. As you consider the best way to reach your target demographic, and successfully get your message across – you’ll hear about everything from email marketing to social media targeting. As consumers spend more time online, they get more and more digital marketing in their everyday lives – and are better than ever at tuning it out. As it turns out, one of the most successful marketing mediums today is one of the most long-lasting: direct mail. In this article, we’ll explore a bit about why direct mail is so successful for businesses, what makes a direct mail campaign successful, and how you can launch one for your business.

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Why direct Mail Works so Well

Direct mail is successful for a number of reasons. First of all, while digital marketing messages like email, banner ads, and pop-up windows and be blocked, filtered, and simply ignored – no one ignores what’s in their mailbox. Because of the nature of paper mail, and the historic importance it has in people’s lives – everybody, at least looks at every piece of mail they get. Think about it, would you risk missing something like a greeting card, bill or other essential piece of mail by simply tossing a stack without sorting it? No way! Well, it might seem like a dishonest in, but the fact is – the power of paper mail is going to get your message to the most eyeballs – guaranteed. In fact, over 70% of people surveyed said they actually look forward to seeing what’s in their mail box each day – can anyone say that about email? Additionally, over 60% of people surveyed claim to keep their paper mail for two days or longer after it arrives. This means your message is lasting longer, and getting even more eyes on it as it floats around a home or business.

Making your Direct Mail Campaign a Success

There are a few key parts to any successful direct mail campaign for a business:

  • Audience

Your audience is a key part to making sure your campaign is an ROI success. The right people will create customers, the wrong will be waste. Depending on the nature of your business, you may need an extremely targeted mailing list. Nonprofits seeking large donations for example will want to know whose donated large amounts to other organizations in the past. If your business is very general and applies to everyone in your community – like say a plumbing or grocery business – you can benefit by hitting everybody at once. You’ll save money here by using bulk mailing programs like the USPS’s Every Door Direct Mail campaign (EDDM). EDDM heavily discounts the delivery rate on a per piece basis by delivering to every address in a given zip code. While there are some significant rules and regulations for EDDM, you can save some time and hassle by executing your project with an EDDM printer who will take care of all the paperwork for you.

  • Creative

Your Creative is an essential part of your direct mail campaign. Direct mail offers the unique opportunity of practically guaranteeing that you get in front of the eyes of your target customer – but don’t expect it to be very long. You need images and words that both captivate and excite your customer instantly – while also clearly letting them know what you want them to do next. The worst thing you can do is have an expensive direct mail campaign with a creative theme that’s boring, and vague. These are the direct mail pieces that get tossed into the trash instantly, without the customer even knowing if the offer what interesting to them or not. Think about an image and one sentence that say everything you need to know about your business or product in a nutshell. Not unlike a highway billboard (where the message and call to action must obviously be clear within seconds), so should your direct mail postcard or mailer.

  • Offering

Your offering is directly tied in with your call to action. You could have an exciting creative design on your direct mail campaign that stops your customer in their tracks. They might even stare at it for 5 minutes straight; marveling, laughing, or whatever the creative makes them do. However, if they can’t tell – or simply aren’t made to care about what to do next with your business, it won’t lead to any more sales for you whatsoever. Consider this, if your direct mail piece was a two sided coin, one would be the hook, and the other would be the call to action. A natural relationship for these two things is to have the image be the hook, and the simple, brief set of words act as the call to action. So, if you had a cute dog wearing an astronaut costume – that might draw everyone’s attention. It’s the words “Doggy Halloween Costumes, in stock now at Pet Palace” that are going to draw people to make the purchase.

Launching A Direct Mail Campaign for Your Business

One of the main intimidations of launching your business’s first direct mail campaign can be the cost. You might find yourself saying “printing is so expensive, I’ll just send out another email advertisement.” Yes, printing is more expensive than email – but that’s because it’s much more effective. The cost is not to be ignored, and you shouldn’t jump into it without working on your ROI from front to back. Consider how many orders, and at what size would make the campaign become a profitable endeavor. Consider the custom options you’re including on your print job, and realize when they drive cost up or down. It helps a lot to work with printers who understand direct mail marketing strategy – and can help you on everything from coaching you on from the design of your piece, to actually mailing it for you to the right people. You’ll find that when you work with experts on your first campaign, you’re much more likely to ROI on the project, and you’ll learn a lot in the process as well.

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