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10+ Reasons Why You Should Adopt Cloud Computing

When someone hears of cloud computing, a lot of things ring in his mind. He or she asks him or herself a lot of questions. Like what is cloud? Where is it? When using cloud computing, are we in the cloud or something? All these questions can be answered and you get to understand what it means by the term could computing, both in a simple terms and in technical terms.

In simple and easily understandable language, cloud computing entails the process of keeping and accessing data and various programs via the internet at the expense of your computer’s hard drive. When you look at the term cloud computing, the term cloud is simply a metaphor of the word internet. Cloud computing takes us back to the day s when we used to have gigantic presentations and flowcharts that would stand for a big internet server-farm infrastructure to be nothing but a kind of swollen white cumulus cloud, which acknowledges data and information and as well giving out information as it floats.

Just to explain further, cloud computing seldom entails your computer hard drive in the whole process. It all comes out very contrasting, as when you store data and information in your computer hard drive it has a totally different term. It is referred to as local storage and computing because you have simply stored them in your accessible area or maybe say your neighborhood and not in the internet. Nevertheless, everything you will need is kind of physically just next to you which insinuates that you will access all your stored data easily and fast for the single computer and other in the local network.

For decades now, the computer industry has been operating on the basis of working away from your hard disk. For you to access your data, you have to be accessing the internet. Interestingly, this does not include just the data alone, but also programs. Mostly utilized in big business, where you would know every detail about what is available and happening on the other side. This is different for an individual user as he or she may hardly have a single idea of the kind of enormous data processing that is in progress on the other side. The whole thing narrows down to one simple thing that we are talking about, that when you have an online or internet connection, then could computing will be possible anywhere at any given time.

Cloud Computing in Technical Terms

Technically, cloud computing can be summarized in three technical terms that is platforms applications and infrastructure. The primary aim of cloud computing is simply to give out to you the easily accessible websites. For could computing to finally deliver its amazing services to you, the cloud makes use of computers in order to come up with a collective virtual computer. This simply sums up the whole thing and makes the many hardware unnecessary by cloud users, for them to make good use of an application. The collective virtual computer has been made very possible and convenient by the use of a broadband internet. Most interestingly is that here you do not need to use a particular operating system. When I say operating system I mean you do not need a windows 10, windows 7, windows vista and many others. Since we are now on the cloud, you can comfortably run a range of programs from any operating system at the same particular time.

Informatively, cloud computing is basically created so as it users will only have to cope with the front side of the system. Users can conveniently check out their mails, overlook their finances and view accounts without having to deal with hard ware when behind the scenes, the cloud is perfectly utilizing the all the computing power of all the machines which sum up to make the cloud hence, using as much of the cloud as you want to. To add on top, in an organization, data processing and the data itself are the most essential aspects of the organization. Have to accomplish data processing in the shortest available time and using the least efforts and most vitally using the least costs possible is what gives strength and confidence to an organization. Being one of the latest technologies that have arisen, it is not any complex than hosting data and services and not on the local data storage elements. Simply the servers and the internet.

How Does the Cloud Computing Operate?

Using an infrastructural dimension, hosted services are not any different from cloud computing as earlier mentioned. This means that networking infrastructures, servers and storage are shared across the users of a specific remote connection with the help of scalability. Besides this infrastructural recap, cloud computing is based on the pay as you use business model, having the ability of quick scaling of resources.

The cloud uses a collection of virtual computers and bases its functionality on this concept. What happens, is that the customer makes a payment to use the computational ability of the virtual machines over the internet. It all starts from a utility known as a hypervisor which is used to form multiple and usable virtual machines. To be precise, a type one hypervisor is directly run on a server hardware then a type two hypervisor is then run over the hosting operating system.

Why Do You Need Cloud Computing?

Every company would wish to cut or reduce costs here and there. This ensures maximization of the company profits there by leading to good business. This is one of the biggest reasons why cloud computing came into action. Way back organizations felt that there was need and chance to reduce costs. Reducing hardware costs and boosting the efficiency in processing data and most essentially keeping everything global which leads to great accessibility. There is no need to move around with sensitive information in hard disks anymore. In addition, hard disks are as delicate as the sensitive information that they carry, and this makes the whole thing sensitive. Hard disks have various risks as well, for example if a hard disk falls down, that would be the end of everything and all the information in the hard disk would have been lost just in a fall. This is strongly impossible with cloud computing. Credentials are perfectly stored and access as fresh as they were kept. As a result, life becomes stress free and easy.

Challenges are a must when trying to accomplish particular goals. Before bringing cloud computing into being, it was a great challenge at its initial stages but after successful toils here and there, it has come out to be the most essential and convenient way of storing a lot of information with ease. In addition, it has a brilliant future for gaming fans as the coming high tech gaming consoles will be streamed perfectly over cloud and therefore there will be no essence to pump a lot of money buying costly GPU cards.

From small to large organizations, it is evident that they have incorporated the cloud computing technology in one way or another. For sure there is barely any regret in using cloud computing. There are quite a number of reasons why you should stick or start using the cloud computing technology. Here are nine must know reasons:

The 9 Reasons to Use Cloud Computing

  • Low costs

According to the Opex mode, and the patterns of pay as you go, cloud computing in a great way hold a big potential in ensuring that you cut or reduce costs in you operations or organization. Cloud computing saves on hardware costs as you will now have to use the internet to store a lot of vital information. There will be no more purchasing and pilling of hard desks in shelves.

  • Stability

Imagine carrying or storing vital information in a machine or external storage then it gets lost or gets spoilt. Hard disk crashes as well! Traditionally, we would wait until a particular machine or devices messes up then spend on making it. In cloud computing you enjoy regular and automated software updates that as a result promotes prevention rather that doing the curing after an accident.

  • It can be modified

Cloud computing ensures ease when your organization grows into a bigger investment. It grows with your resources. As you grow, you will need to make everything up to date; the bandwidth, the storage space and many others. Without cloud computing it will take you time to adjust in reference to your growth. Cloud infrastructure would expand with you.

  • Cooperation

Cloud computing has space for you online. With one party in one side of the world and another on a totally different corner, cloud computing allows each of them to access similar content hence leading to harmonization of information which keeps both parties in a collaboration.

  • Safety

Passwords are a must as long as we are dealing with confidentiality. They guard our sensitive information from the craving eyes and access by unauthorized people or parties. You can develop the strongest security protocols in you on premise system to try and guard your data and information as a company. This does not stop some genius intruder somewhere. He will definitely come into your privacy and tamper. This is quite different in cloud computing. The security protocols put in place in cloud computing are developed and maintained by international and highly qualitied analysts hence ensuring a higher level of security in your data and information.

  • It enhances movability

Storing data in a single and highly guarded device has proved to be a challenge. This is evident in a situation where in an organization different people are in need of varying data or information for instance. Cloud computing makes it possible for those people to partake their work in a different device at a preferred location as cloud computing enhances mobility. There is no need to stick to one particular machine.

  • Scalability

Normally and most conveniently, you are your boss. You are definitely supposed to decide what you would like to make payment for specific resources. The premise systems are contract based whereas in cloud computing, you will have the freedom and pleasure to find a thing at a more favorable price which would not only give you freedom, but also make you the king of time.

  • Competition

Cloud computing has come with great competition in a number of dimensions as it is a rising and upcoming platform. Tentatively, there are many startup than one can imagine. A big number now arises offering cloud computing services. This definitely comes with a proportionate level of competition thereby creating a competitive market, which has led to a rise in cost effectiveness and being better than anything else.

  • Ecological benefits

Being the chief executive officer of an organization, or even the president of the United States of America, having to take responsibility of the bigger earth is very essential. This would be very much possible using a limitless protocol that is the cloud protocol which is mush fresh and great. As a result, it is very vital to take good care of the natural inequity not happening.

What Are the Advantages of Cloud Computing?

  • Cloud computing saves on cost, which the most significant merit of cloud computing. Cloud computing allows you to save money by letting you to have zero server storage in the house. You will definitely cut the incurred operating costs in terms of power, administration and air conditioning as well.
  • When cloud computing is well managed it proves more reliable than any in house IT infrastructure.
  • Cloud computing offers an improved and more simplifies management of IT and maintenance via a centralized administration of b=various resources.


in conclusion, cloud computing ensures that you save your money, by cutting or reducing cost in various ways as mentioned, and safe guards your information both as an individual and as a company by the use of top notch service providers.

It is therefore important that you save money, safe guard your information, and most importantly adhere to the most reliable technology that would ensure a positive growth to your work or company.


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