Ever go surf casting?  I hadn’t.  Of course, I’d always seen photos and videos of folks wading in the surf and casting lines towards the breakers.  But I wasn’t keen on the idea.  I preferred sleeping late mornings rather than battling incoming tides and salt air while rubbing sleep from my eyes.  But when my newest date insisted on a morning seacoast trip I couldn’t refuse, at least not without risking a potential rift in our budding relationship.  So I had to go and take a quick course in surf casting before we took off for the seacoast that weekend.


That is how I found myself visiting the Bass Pro Shop website to get some information on fishing.  And I was promptly surprised.  Not only by the information, but also by the diverse amount of equipment and supplies available.  Everything from waders and clothing to complete selections of equipment, rods, reels, and tackle to use for any type of fishing one might try.  I decided to get a complete set of surf casting tackle and equipment – including a 14-foot rod, reel and tackle along with waders and supplies for my upcoming trip.  I bought my new equipment using a Groupon coupon I’d found online; it got me a discount of 35% off the list price of the fishing gear.  Now I only needed to study the basics well before my upcoming weekend venture.  To do that I took a break from my regular online games and instead studied some tips about fishing on my tablet, using the Bass Pro website to learn a few basics.


I won’t go into detail about that fishing trip.  Let’s just say it was a real ball.  While I didn’t catch anything that first day, I found standing in the incoming tide and casting into the breakers a wonderful experience.  I felt at one with nature, listening to the seagulls overhead and the sound of breakers while watching daybreak over the ocean.  While I was casting into the sea, she was digging clams to fix the finest breakfast one can imagine.  We had a great weekend.   And before we started home my skills improved to where I caught some great sea bass that she stuffed with clams and baked for dinner that Sunday evening.  We had a wonderful time.  I even became a devotee of surf casting, even if it did mean getting up before daybreak.  


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