There is a time when you might consider trying to cut corners on a construction project. However, this is never an ideal way to do business. Especially when it comes to trying to save a buck and work with unlicensed contractors. Speak to any Arizona construction attorney and they will all agree that it is always in your best interest to work with licensed contractors on any construction project.


Verify All Contractors

You would be surprised how many contractors out there claim that they are licensed when they are not.


Always take the extra time to verify that the contractor you are working with is properly licensed in your area. This can easily be done by checking with your local Registrar of Contractors office. Or you can simply just ask to see verification. Any properly licensed contractor will have no problem showing proof.


In addition, you should also verify that any party working with the contractors you are hiring on your construction project is also licensed. Usually, if the contract is licensed, they will only work with other properly licensed parties as well.


Proper Construction License

Not only does the contractor need to be licensed, but they also need to be properly licensed. That means that they adhere to all regulations and are licensed at all of the proper local and state levels.


If you do end up working with a contractor that happens to be located out of state, make sure that they do hold a proper license to work in your state. Also, make sure they are aware of all the state’s rules and regulations, as they can differ from state to state.


Possible Issues

Why is working with a licensed contractor such a big deal? Well, if an issue does come along pertaining to your construction project, you could face penalties and need to pay fines if you are found to have worked with contractors who are not licensed.


Even if you are currently licensed, if you are working with a party that is not, you could end up being held responsible as well.



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