Lockdown restrictions has been very difficult for most people, business and industries during the height of the pandemic, with many not knowing what to do with themselves in these unfamiliar times. None other than the betting industry mainly down to the fact that the lockdown has limited live sporting events – today we look into how the betting markets are going to recover now we are coming out of lockdown.

First area that is going to be hit now that the lockdown is being eased is finding the new ways in which people are going to bet and gamble. Some might find this particularly difficult as they are so used to their usual routine – those who usually posted bets on the football at the weekend at the pub/bar with friends, bingo with the girls on a Wednesday night at the halls or the odd trip to the casino on a Friday and Saturday night will all have to change or adjust the way they do these due to the social distancing rules.

However, many of these types of gambling have online presences in which you can still use as your in-house entertainment. For example, here is a list of Betting Sites Not on Gamstop in which you can find some of the best odds for your Saturday football bets. Also with casinos and bingo, these can also been found online and even huge deposit matches found on sites as well as hundreds of new customer sign up offers. If the gambling world is going to recover now lockdown has been eased, it’s going to be down to its online presence.

The one area that we do believe is going to suffer is the betting shops on the high street due to the worry in the general public to the virus, as well as the fact it’s just easier to do it online. William Hill has come out at the beginning of the month and had to close 119 of its High Street betting shops due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Although it might be worrying times for bookies, we do believe that the industry will recover and recover with ease in time due to punters will always want to find a way on the in-play markets.

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