mobile_appsEvery time we spend more time using apps instead of browsers our mobile devices. Through the apps we have access to information or functions that interest us faster and more easily. For this reason, it is imperative that companies know define clearly a strategy of digital presence where applications for android, iPhone, Blackberry or Windows 8 have a prominent place. There are companies that develop applications, but can also find free online tools to create apps for your business easily. In this paper we present five of the most popular.

More and more smartphone users are discovering the usefulness of the applications phones, some of which are even able to fulfill the same functions as various tools present in the computer. According to the firm Flurry , the new study that have been conducted indicate that the use of mobile applications grew 115% last year , which is due largely to the increased use of social networking apps and messaging .

Indeed, the section of instant messaging and social networks grew by over 200% during 2013, surpassing even the adoption of smartphones, thanks to apps such as SnapChat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and the like. The said firm says is fascinated with the growth that is making this category. Flurry says that during the last 5 years the applications have been continually breaking its own record, and 2013 was no exception.

Other categories also grew a lot last year thanks to applications that allow you to perform functions that until recently are only available through a computer. Using apps by category Utilities and Productivity increased by almost 150%, thanks to apps like Dropbox and Evernote. The sections of music and media had a growth of about 80%, and even section games grew by more than 60%, while my health and fitness began to be used 50% more.

During the holiday season as many downloads, activations and application usage occurred, as indicated. check this out for Iphone apps.

Gaming applications and social networks like Facebook and Twitter are the most occupied most of the time people who use apps with 47% and 32% respectively. The rest is divided into news with 9%, 7% entertainment and another 5%. The fact is that the business of mobile applications is growing like wildfire. This is a market still unexplored and anyone with a good idea can develop and distribute your application without the need of a great team behind.

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