In the age of smartphone and apps, businesses are doing their best to get their customers and grab the market. Marketing professionals need to multi-tasking job including the company blog, managing social media page, planning for customer reach, etc. They need to provide solid results to the company and take things forward. Whether working for an in-house corporate or non-profit marketing agency, marketing professionals need to work under changing the environment and take up the latest changes. Thanks for marketing apps which have been the biggest savior for marketing professionals to work on different campaigns and other projects. These marketing apps make the work easy and faster for professionals.

Today, every other person carries a smartphone and uses an app for shopping purpose or look for information. This is the great way for professionals to connect with target customers. Every year, there are different marketing apps launched which helps professionals to use and market the product.

As we enter into 2018, let us check what marketing professionals have in their kit to search for apps for marketing purpose.

1. Evernote:

This completely free marketing app for professionals, Evernote easily syncs with phone and computer automatically. The professional can create marketing notes and plans, track the progress, share notes in real time and save things online. This is considered to be the best marketing apps used by professionals that can be availed by using discount codes from By Discount Codes.

2. Buffer:

In the time when there are multiple social platforms, marketing professionals can find it hard to juggle between these platforms. With Buffer, you can prevent from springing into different platforms. You can link multiple platforms at one and do the marketing job. If you are on a holiday, then this can be helpful in getting the job done.

3. HootSuite:

This free app is widely used in social media for marketing purpose. This is an analytics tool majorly used by social media marketers. By using HootSuite, you can manage multiple social media accounts, schedule posts and track social media analytics. Social media companies majorly rely on Hootsuite because of its easy features.

4. Teamwork

This app consists of three different apps- Projects, Chat and Desk, all three created to complement each other. In Project, the user can create to-do lists and allocate work accordingly. Chat helps in communicating with co-workers. Desk helps in allowing your team to connect with the customer via the digital help desk. For B2B, Teamwork is the hub for everyday work and enables the marketing professional to manage the project.

5. Trello:

This is the most favorite app for marketers because it helps in connecting everyone involved in the project. It allows the user to view partner’s schedules without being with them. Trello is easy to use and comes with multiple features. The user doesn’t have to download or install the software. You can use the app from anywhere. Moreover, the app is completely transparent and offers a detailed plan of action.


For marketing professionals, irrespective of their domain, marketing apps really changes the entire picture of the field. Whether you are new or an established marketing professional, this app is certainly the best way to build your connection and business for the seamless workflow.

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