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3 Types of Methods to Download Online Streaming Video

Online streaming video is practically everywhere nowadays, from video sharing platforms to social media, livestreams, and online video-on-demand services. But if you want to download these videos so that you’re able to watch them offline then you’re out of luck – as most platforms don’t provide an option to do so.

Fortunately there are ways to get around that, and 3 of the easiest methods are:

  • Web-based video downloaders

Essentially these are websites where you can paste the URL of the video that you want to download and it will process it then give you a download link that you can use. Generally these websites cater to the more popular video sharing platforms and social media, but may not support some websites, livestreams or video-on-demand services.

  • Video downloader software

For the most part these software work by ‘sniffing’ out videos that are being played and giving you the option to download them. While far from infallible they tend to be able to download a wider range of online streaming video.

  • Screen recordersimage 3 Types of Methods to Download Online Streaming Video

Technically a screen recorder won’t let you ‘download’ the online streaming video, but it does the next best thing by letting you record it from your screen and then save it. Because it just records whatever is on your screen, the software can help you save any video – irrespective of its source.

If you want to try using a screen recorder to save online streaming video then Movavi Screen Capture would be your best bet. It can be found here and is an intuitive, easy-to-use and lightweight video recorder that will let you adjust all of the recording parameters and capture exactly the video you require.

Part of the beauty of using Movavi Screen Capture is that it will let you define the region of your screen that you want to record, along with the frame rate and audio source. It even includes an option to let you capture keyboard and mouse actions – which may be useful in certain cases. To make managing the recording process more convenient you can turn to the hotkeys and built-in timer.

With all those features, recording an online streaming video from your screen will be a piece of cake. Frankly speaking you will eventually find Movavi Screen Capture useful in several other ways – and may want to use it to save Skype calls or even create your own videos.

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