The introduction of smart home technology such as smart thermostats and remote-controlled lighting has revolutionized the way in which individuals are saving energy, cutting costs and being kinder to the planet at home. For many people, these new habits are important to not only reduce the amount of money that they are spending, but also for ensuring that their personal effect on the environment does as little harm as possible. If you’re already an advocate for going green at home, then chances are you’ll want to transfer these new habits over to your office. We’ve put together some of the best ways to make your business an eco-friendlier place in 2018.

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#1. Cut Down on Paper Use:

Did you know that the average office worker will use a staggering ten thousand pages of copy paper each year? When you multiply this number by the amount of people that work in your office, you’ll quickly see that that’s a lot of paper for your business to be using. Not only do you have to buy this amount of paper, but it’s also massively harmful to the environment. Challenge yourself and your employees to only use paper when there are no digital alternatives available in the New Year. See for more information.

#2. Set Monthly Green Challenges:

Without the support of your employees, your business will struggle when it comes to going green. A truly eco-friendly business is made up of employees that all pull together and help out when it comes to saving energy and reducing waste. For example, small things such as switching lights off that are not in use, unplugging fully charged laptops, shutting doors and windows and printing on both sides of the paper can all quickly add up and make a massive difference. A monthly mention or small reward for the employees who have worked the hardest to go green can be an excellent incentive to keep everybody motivated towards a common goal.

#3. Encourage Green Commuting:

With a large percentage of employees driving to work, a lot of environmental damage is already done before they even arrive at the office. As a business owner, you are in a good position to encourage greener commuting amongst your employees. For example, starting a carpool scheme can be very popular with employees since not only will it reduce the number of vehicles on the road, it’s also personally beneficial as employees will be spending less on gas. If your business offers company cars, then why not try and see if you can have greener electric and hybrid vehicles available.

#4. Embrace Renewable Energy:

When it comes to heating and powering your company buildings, the good news is that renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar power, are now more accessible than ever before. Organizations of any size can make the switch to a natural energy source, and reap the benefits straight away with far cheaper or even free energy sources.

Are you planning to use any of these ways to go greener in 2018? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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