vps_hostingAnother of the dilemmas faced by someone who has to choose web hosting is the operating system, Windows or Linux? In another post and we explain how to choose correctly, but is a question that is explained very easily:

If your page has a dynamic programming using php (sites like WordPress, Joomla and other Open Sources applications) and MySQL databases is best to choose a Linux hosting is also better integrated and it is cheaper.

If instead you use a programming in ASP, ASP.NET and databases in SQL Server must take out hosting in Windows so that everything works properly. Check list of cheap unmanaged VPS hosting here.

What type of hosting plan?

You know what kind of accommodation you need and the operating system you must have but now … what all plans fits my needs. In closed as shared hosting or VPS hosting products providers offer different plans to suit the needs of different projects.

In these cases we must take account of a number of key characteristics, shared hosting are:

Number of domains: if the hosting plans you’ll only include a domain or several.

Disk space: you have to make an estimate of what the project can occupy the same database and mailings.

Transfer: today most providers offer unlimited transfer so it’s one less thing to worry about, but other companies may limit depending on the hosting plan. In these cases we must be realistic in the amount of visits you can have our project per month.

Databases : to choose the operating system and we opted for a type of database, but is not the only thing to keep in mind as plans also define the number of databases that include. If we will only need to use one or several.

Mailboxes: Usually the smallest plan may already cover our needs (in the case of good provider offer 10 mailboxes), but as we saw at the point of disk space, what comes to fill these mailboxes will be limited by the space We offer the plan chosen.

In VPS or virtual server, dedicated servers and cloud characteristics are different:

Disk space: as we shared in making a rough estimate of what our project needs.

RAM: the feature that sets it apart and perhaps more difficult to predict. We must be clear about the operating system and applications that will run to find out amount of memory they will need to run.

Transfer: in the case of VPS or dedicated servers. Unlike shared hosting, transfer is often limited by what you should take into account the views a month (if they are going to be many dimensions are usually quite high).

vCPU / processor : another of the most important parts in cloud and dedicated servers. Manager server processes run, the faster or more processing cores have our server will perform the operations that need faster.

The case of the cloud is complex because it is a customized product in which you who choose each of the parameters. We’ve already given the tracks of each but keep in mind that both the RAM and the vCPU are related, we can have a cloud with 16GB of RAM but if you only have 1 vCPU will not get good performance, the key is to have everything well balanced.

Last but not least, to keep in mind is that most projects grow over time, so when choosing the best plan is necessary to take into account this potential growth . This does not mean that we should choose double what we need because we can always upgrade to a higher plan (or decrease if we have too many resources).

The key to choosing the suitable hosting plan is to make an estimate of what our project needs and add a small percentage to take on growth in the short to medium term you may have.  Get the discount on your hosting from MyBluehostCoupons.com. When this “cushion” of resources is about to consume the next plan increase, resize or enhance cloud dedicated server hardware.

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