Nationals of almost 80% of the countries around the world may visit Singapore for a duration ranging 30 to 90 days with no visa, and the determinant is their nationality. For those countries whose citizens must get a visa before traveling to Singapore, they are grouped into those who need a visa to get into Singapore and countries whose citizens require visa vignette. You can access the information on which countries’ citizens need visas to enter Singapore on the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website. The visas must be applied for in advance before being allowed entry into Singapore.

Types of Singapore Visa

Singapore visas are issued to foreigners visiting the country as tourists, employees, or students. Entrepreneurs who intend to set up business in Singapore also need to obtain visas to enter the island state.

Below are some of the types of Singapore visas:

  • Business or work visas – They are issued to people who are interested in opening businesses or securing employment opportunities in Singapore.
  • Tourist visas – These are given to those traveling to the country for tourism purposes. They come in the form of Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA). They may be obtained before or on arrival.
  • Student visa This is also called a Student’s Pass and is needed if one wants to study in the city-state.

The process of applying for a Singapore visa

The countries whose citizens need visa to enter Singapore are categorized into two: Assessment Level I Countries and Assessment Level II Countries. The level in which a given country is dictates part of the application process and duration of processing the visa.

Citizens of both assessment levels can apply for a Singapore visa at one of their closest Singaporean diplomatic mission or an authorized visa agent outside of Singapore. They can also apply for visa online through a local Singaporean contact or strategic partner in Singapore.

The two assessment levels differ as follows:

  • Assessment Level I – The visa is usually ready in one working day and a printout of the e-visa is accepted to travel with.
  • Assessment Level II – The issuing duration for the visa is typically three days and a visa vignette has to be affixed on the applicant’s passport.

While you are the one to fill the application forms and put together the needed documents, you cannot apply on your own and have to use an authorized agent, strategic partner, or local contact in Singapore.

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Documents needed for a Singapore visa application

You will need the following to apply for a visa to Singapore:

  • Completed Singapore visa application form – You have to fill in your personal information, marital status, and where you will be staying in Singapore. Other details to disclose include the reason for the visit, your address in your home country, the intended duration of your stay in Singapore, and others. You also have to sign it yourself.
  • Passport and travel documents – These must have at least six months validity after the visa expiration date.
  • Passport-sized photos – Must have been taken within the past three months and with a white background displaying the face with a neutral expression. No headgear is allowed in the photo unless for religious purposes and even they should not hide their face.
  • Photocopy of booked air ticket or itinerary – This must be in A4 format.
  • Photocopy of applicant’s bio-data – This must also be in A4 format.
  • Letter of introduction – Duly signed by the Singaporean strategic partner or local contact and requires them to give your personal information, the reason for visit, duration of stay, their relationship with you (applicant), and other details.
  • Credit card – This is used to settle visa fees and needs to be Visa or MasterCard.
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate – This is if you are from one of the countries in the list of those needed to provide this document.


Visa processing typically takes 1-3 days depending on your country’s assessment level as earlier indicated. You can check out on the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website to see where your country is categorized in the levels. However, the processing may take longer than the indicated time due to various issues. Once you receive your visa, you are ready to travel to Singapore and the ICA personnel will determine at the entry points if you should be allowed to enter, in which case you will be issued with a pass.


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