As 2018 continues apace, the opportunities present within business also continue to bear fruit. One area in which you can still see great growth and revenue figures is the online sector. Of course, all business is done online to some extent now, such is the essential nature of digital business efforts. You certainly wouldn’t want to be without a website and a social media presence in 2018, after all!

However, when it comes to some dedicated online business niches, the revenue and increased demand that they are seeing is quite something. Many only expect these sectors to continue to grow as more consumers are drawn to them.

Which online business sectors are most popular?

The digital nature of the society that we live in now means that we should not be surprised at how popular many online business sectors are. Here are some of the online business niches that are going strong in 2018:

  • Online gambling – as a sector, online gambling has almost doubled in size since 2009. Many predict that it will continue to be lucrative and reach an annual turnover of almost $60bn by 2020! The reason for this huge growth is the accessible and fun games that online casino sites offer to players along with the convenience of online play. Stakers casino has a great range of slots and classic games – this shows why online gambling has become so popular.

  • E-commerce – reports suggest that the e-commerce sector was worth a huge $2.3tn in 2017. By 2021, is forecast to grow to almost $5tn. These figures show not only just what kind of revenue is generated from this business sector but also how popular it is. Online shopping is something that you do on an almost daily basis now thanks to the internet and advanced mobile technology. The fact that it makes shopping so easy is the reason behind its stellar performance.

  • Digital marketing – digital marketing is a big sector within business now and one that exists purely online. It is actually very wide ranging and encompasses services such as SEO, content marketing and social media management. As a business sector, it generates a huge revenue each year and is key to many organizations.

  • E-learning – this online business sector was reported to be worth over $100bn in recent years, which shows how lucrative it has become. The internet and email have made learning so much more open and accessible now, which is why this online sector is booming. Many people would rather learn from the comfort of their own home than go out to a class – and they can often do it at a fraction of the cost!

Online business continues to boom

While the above are examples of the online sectors that are making the biggest splash, in truth, online business as a whole is in good health. The central role that the internet and mobile devices play in our lives now means that online is the method that we all like to use most when interacting with the world.

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